Everyday Art: Luxury Spanish Porcelain Brand, LLadro, Brings Creative Pedigree to Lifestyle Products

As a self-confessed homebody, having nice things at home means a lot to me. A gorgeous piece of art makes the home look more inviting, a boutique candle makes the home smell more inviting – you know what I mean. It’s the little things that create a space that’s expressive of who we are. So naturally I was excited when Lladro invited me to swing by their boutique on Madison Avenue. Lladro is a Spanish luxury porcelain brand that are widely known for their creative, classic, and completely collectible creations. Lladro porcelain pieces are painstakingly handcrafted, and are collected around the world for their beauty and craftsmanship. As much as I loved looking at Lladro’s ceramic artwork, I was there to check out their Home Fragrances Collection.

Iladro detail1detail3

The Lladro Home Fragrances Collection consists of a core Heavenly Dreams candle and diffuser selection, a signature nose candle, and a signature Volutes candle.

Iladro Home Fragrances

Each of Lladro’s Heavenly Dreams candles feature a ceramic angel figurine on the lid, they come in three poses: Thinking of You, Dreaming of You, and Missing You – which translates into the angel folding its arms, leaning on its arms, or waiting expectantly. I love this detail so much, it really ties the candles into the mother brand. You’re basically buying a small Lladro creation.

Iladro Candle1

The Heavenly Dreams candles are all inspired by the Mediterranean and the brand’s creative universe, and the scents include: Gardens of Valencia, Mediterranean Beach, A Secret Orient, Tropical Blossoms, and last but not least, I love You, Mom.

Lladro Banner 728 x 90

I couldn’t actually pick a favorite, but if I had too I’d choose Tropical Blossoms and Mediterranean Beach which are both so lovely. Mediterranean Beach has an orange blossom and woody tone, but it’s very fresh and transformative as a home scent. Tropical Blossoms, which is the scent I ended up picking, is a floral perfume of Italian mandarin and frangipani, with the tropical fragrance of benjoin. I didn’t even know what benjoin was until I burned this candle, then I was all obsessed by finding other fragrances with it. It’s basically a balsamic resin taken from the bark of specific trees, it has quite a distinctive smell.

Iladro Candle2

All of the Heavenly Dreams candles burn for up to 45 hours, the diffusers have a duration of up to three months, and the Nose and Volutes candles last up to 35 hours.  Once you’re done burning them, you can absolutely reuse these for cotton balls or to hold your makeup brushes on your vanity.

I’m not going to lie, the boutique kind of feels like an art museum. I learned so much about their process – like how pieces like this equestrian number can take a number of artists to create. Each layer – from color to accessories to glaze – will require it to be re-fired in the kiln. Another cool fact? When Lladro releases a limited edition item, they will make the set number of that item and then actually break the mold. Yep, breaking the mold ensures that no other replica can be made – it really asserts that collectors are indeed investing in a unique piece.

Lladro Ceramic HorseIladro NYC Boutique

Speaking of unique, the lighting! I could not get over how gorgeous they were. Lladro lighting definitely falls into the realm of luxury, with prices ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars. But a girl can dream, and this girl is dreaming of their Niagara Chandelier’s. They use optic fibers to suspend painstakingly crafted porcelain fairies or foliage. The light travels down the fiber and illumiates the ceramic creations, creating a breathtaking sort of Midsummer’s Eve-type effect. You can also bend the fibers yourself, cracking them and creating fissures for the light to catch along the fiber. Boy, if I had a spare 50k!

lladro niagara chandelierLladro Luxury Lightinglamp1Lladro Lamp 2

Between the gorgeous lighting, contemporary and charming Animal Heroes collection, their work with artists, and their amazing Home Fragrances Collection, Lladro is not just your grandmother’s ceramic brand! It’s an innovative lifestyle one too!

To find out more about Lladro’s Home Fragrances Collection or their other products watch the video above, then click here!

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Rendezvous at The London

I peered at the glossy grey-ish liquid with a hint of trepidation. “Do I bite it?” I asked, with first-timers naivete’. “The shell? That would be a bad idea!” Cinny,  my friend laughed. Merli, another diner pulled out her camera to take some shots of the beautiful masterpieces spread before us.

But my mind wasn’t on the avocado soup with trout roe and cilantro whose flavors create an amazing kaleidoscope. Nor was it on the Gravadlaz, potato roesti, and caviar creation that I had fallen in love with earlier. No, my mind was decidedly on the oyster perched carefully in between my fingertips.

There’s something to be said for a hotel that can really honestly make you feel at home. Especially if that home turns out to be a multi-story luxury hotel with a Michelin starred restaurant, in the heart of the greatest city on Earth. In fact I felt so much at home at The London after such abliguriation of flavors, and after looking around the hotel – I half expected to be able to stroll right into their penthouse suite, recline on one of the suite’s massive beds, and fall into a deep sleep filled with caviar dreams and champagne wishes!

The London has so much to offer in the way of gourmet dining and ambiance that it’s impossible to relegate it to a couple of sentences – that’s what photo’s are for!

For lunch we had a menu of:
Avocado soup, trout roe, cilantro
Fluke sashimi, tomato, mayer lemon
Sweet corn arancini, chorizo, chilli
Gravadlax, potato roesti, caviar
Veal and Foie Gras mini Burger
Tuna crostini, soy
Raw oysters with a raspberry vinagrette

And for dessert we had:
Chocolate and Fruit tarts
Vanilla, strawberry, ginger parfait
Salted caramel truffles that were seriously decadent, and easily the best I’ve had up until now.

The food-lover in me wanted to set up camp in the kitchen! The sleep-lover in me wanted to set up camp in one of their rooms! And the photographer in me wanted to set up camp in front of one of their windows!

With breath-taking (and quite photo ready) views of the city, beautiful furnishings, wonderful service (and security), and really great food, The London eagerly awaits the weary traveler, or anybody in search of heart felt luxury!

As for the oyster – it was my first. I. Loved. It.

Disclaimer: I was invited to #TheLondonLadies event for a luncheon and a tour of The London NYC. No other form of compensation was received. As always, my opinions expressed on The NYC Talon are my own and not influenced in any way. For more information, please feel free to visit my PR or About me pages above.