LG Debuts New LG Sidekick with Malin Akerman

Let’s face it, the athleisure trend in clothing is the best thing to happen to women since the advent of food delivery apps. Designer athletic wear is a booming industry, and because I wear my favorite pieces everywhere from working out to going out for breakfast and even shopping for groceries, I want to take the very best care of them.

Malin Akerman and Keoni Hudoba LG Sidekick
Recently I attended an event debuting LG’s new LG Sidekick Pedestal Washer. The LG Sidekick is revolutionary because it allows for a separate washer, designed exclusively for your delicates!

LG Twin Washer Dryer SidekickLG Sidekick Pedestal Washer
The LG SideKick offers six distinct wash cycles, including a special setting for active wear. Despite its small size, the LG SideKick can wash about three to four pounds of laundry per cycle with its one cubic foot of capacity, and operate independently from or simultaneously with an LG front-load washer. This means you can quickly wash your favorite workout gear, your kids favorite blanket, your bathing suit for that last-minute pool party invite, and delicate lingerie.

Malin Akerman for LG
Malin Akerman – who is currently starring in Billions but who I know from one of my favorite movies, 27 Dresses – is the spokesperson for the LG Sidekick. Malin, like most of us, is also a big fan of athletic wear and is also a mom to a three year old who makes quick small loads like the one the Sidekick Pedestal Washer is designed for, a necessity.

Keoni Hudoba, trainer and one of the founders of Cyc Fitness, led Malin and us on an insane spin. I love spin class, but this was intense, and I’m so glad I did it. I still struggle with participating in all the unseated positions, but I still get such a sense of accomplishment when I make it all the way to the end of the class. And Keoni has so much energy that you definitely feel motivated to push yourself.

LG Spin Class with Malin AkermanLG Spin Class with Cyc FitnessLG Sidekick NYC EventSpin Class Event NYC

I’m so glad that I got to check out the washer/dryer. I feel like LG is really on the ball, they’re constantly innovating and creating products that seamlessly fit into our lives and definitely cater to our needs – like I know I seriously appreciate being able to do a smaller load, especially because I have so many delicate items that have been damaged in the larger wash. Also, I pay a pretty penny for some of my most durable and treasured athletic wear and I like that I can take better care of them with the the Sidekick’s pedestal washer.

Right now LG is running a special promotion where you can get an LG front-loading washer plus the LG Sidekick pedestal washer with prices starting from $999 – you can find out more about the LG Sidekick as well as this great deal here!

LG Supports Share Our Strength’s “No Kid Hungry” at Taste of the Nation Charity Fundraiser Event in NYC

Did you know that more than 16 million American children are affected by childhood hunger? It’s a staggering number, and the reason why Share Our Strength’s “No Kid Hungry” Taste of the Nation culinary series exists – to help raise awareness and support in tackling this imperative issue. The Taste of the Nation series takes place in various cities across that nation, and last week, many of NYC’s top chef’s and mixologists came together for NYC’s Taste of the Nation fundraiser. As one of Share Our Strength’s premier national partners, LG had an exciting presence at the event – if you didn’t know, earlier this month LG Electronics USA announced their unique partnership with Share Our Strength, which is committed to help end childhood hunger with No Kid Hungry.

LG Taste of the NationLG No Kid Hungry Event

Thanks to LG, I was able to attend Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Taste of the Nation Charity Fundraiser. LG had setup what looked like a small restaurant in the space, complete with a menu, and a preview of LG’s line of Black Stainless Steel kitchen appliances. In between bites, we were able to put LG’s Virtual Kitchen Design tool to work – the design tool helps visualize how LG’s Black Stainless Steel works in every kitchen environment and design. I also had their 100 Mile NY Filet Mignon which was served with Yukon gold gnocchi, upstate NY spring onion relish, Catskill asparagus, and red pepper coulis.

LG Farm to Table Filet Mignon

It was so good – the filet mignon was perfectly tender and so delicious, I would have kept ordering it if I didn’t have over 30 other restaurants to sample from! Here’s what else I ate:

Sexy Taco Dirty Cash Taste of the NationPublic Restaurant Taste of the Nation

Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash’s Chef Brian Washington-Palmer treated guests to Chile Braised Pork Tostadas with Jicama-Cumin Slaw – I’m adding this spot to my need-to-eat-at list, these tostadas were ridiculously good. I am not a big fan of vegan desserts, my experience with them has been unexciting. However, Public Restaurant’s Chef Brad Farmerie served up a Vegan Dark Chocolate Oat Tart that was shockingly decadent – I was certainly a fan. One hot spot at the event was Chef Jessica Weiss’ (Marta & Maialino) assorted biscotti buffet. Guests were loading up on a variety of her cookies – and I definitely appreciated her salted chocolate cookies the next day!

Marta & Maialino Taste of the Nation NYCUnderwest Donuts Taste of the Nation

Underwest Donuts’ Chef Scott Levine was turning out extremely popular Halva Donuts next door to Root & Bone’s Chef Romina Peixoto’s Kentucky Donuts with Bourbon Cream – they were both the stuff of dreams. The Kentucky Donuts were served warm, which only heightened the experience for me.

OddFellows at Taste of the NationSherry B Dessert Studio Taste of the Nation

OddFellows Ice Cream Co. had an amazing Neopolitan Sundae – I’ve actually never been to OddFellows so this was a real treat for me. It was so good, now I know that I HAVE to go! Sherry B Dessert Studio had an all-star lineup featuring Fluffernutter on Banana Bread (classic peanut butter and marshmallow fluff reimagined as an ice cream, sandwiched between layers of banana bread), Suzy Q (an ice cream sandwich take on the infamous snack cake with Sweet Cream Ice Cream and Devil’s Food Cake), and The Tipsy Lux (Luxardo Maraschino Cherries soaked in maraschino liquor and blended with swirls of Amaretto fudge and Amaretto Candies Almonds, all piled high on a Maraschino Cake).

I went back for seconds thirds of Sessanta’s (Chef Paul DiBari) Spiedini of Marinated Octopus with Chermoula. I even snapped up their last serving. ICE also served up an insane pasta that I unfortunately cannot remember the name of.

Sessanta Taste of the Nation NYC

I almost had to roll myself out of there, haha! There was so much great food, and it was so nice seeing the nation’s top chefs and restaurants get together for a great cause. LG’s partnership with Share Our Strength is a perfect fit, seeing as how LG is a brand that is really dedicated to bringing families together in the kitchen, they hold family mealtime at the core of its values so dedicating themselves to helping make sure that more kids across the country are getting access to the healthy meals that they need makes perfect sense!

To learn more about LG Electronics and No Kid Hungry’s partnership, click here.