My Kiss Nail Dress Obsession


Probably one of my most favorite brands is Kiss and their sister brand Broadway nails. The other day I had an event to go to, however I had no time to do my nails – and believe me, they were not looking pretty! So on my way out I grabbed one of the nail dresses that I had on hand and applied it on my way downtown where the event was held. At the event my nails were complimented not once, but twice – and it’s always nice to receive compliments on your nails, especially when you didn’t have to put in lots of time or effort to make them look as good as they do, lol!

I’ve written about Kiss Nail Dress before – which you can check out here, but I just wanted to update you on the Nail Dress options and the one’s that I like to keep on hand. I’m a stereotypical New Yorker in that I tend to wear a lot of dark colors (who am I kidding, if I could I’d dress like Johnny Cash all the time – all in black), so playing with accessories and my nails gives me that much needed pop of color.


The nail dresses from left to right are Peignoir, Push-Up, Princess, and Shrug. I first tried Shrug back when I received my Love VoxBox almost a year ago. I loved it so much that I always make sure to have a set of them on hand. I remember at first being iffy about the style, and then I put them on and was surprised by how much I actually like them.  I picked up Princess and Peignoir at the drugstore, I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m always surprised with how good Kiss Nail Dress looks that I’m sure these will look super pretty.


I received Push-Up, the set I’m most excited about in my latest VoxBox- the Holiday VoxBox. It’s super pretty, and I love the green and hot pink feather design. It looks perfect for Spring and/or Summer! At the time I’m writing this I’m still rocking my Impress Nails, so I can’t show you what Push-Up looks like on – but you can see lots of reviews and pictures on the Kiss Nail Dress review page on Influenster here. Want to see more? Check out Kisses other Nail Dress designs here!

Have you had the chance to try out Kiss Nail Dress? What designs would you like most to try?

* I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster. I am under no obligation to review said product. All opinions presented are my own and are not influenced in any way, for more info see my PR tab above!

Product Rave: Kiss Nail Dress!

I received the Shrug style Nail Dress

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or aren’t hanging around the beauty/tweetasphere) then you’ve probably noticed the increased attention that nails are getting. Simple french manicures and one color nails are no longer making the cut for girls everywhere (not that we don’t love the lbd of nail looks). Girls are styling their nails all sorts of ways, pandas, polka dots, flowers, you name it and somebody has done it. And while I’m not outrageously creative with my nails, I do love having them done. And if I could I would have my nails done with something a little more edgy then a french tip. However, I never can seem to get my nails done right and looking uniform (maybe it’s because I’m not a lefty and a righty). Still when stick on nail stickers came out I was hesitant to try them, I had no faith in their durability. But don’t be fooled dear readers, if you’re looking at Kiss’ Kiss Nail Dress then you’re looking at the product that will change your finger nails lives forever!

Dramatic shout-out aside, I really do love Kiss’ Nail Dress polish strips. They work amazingly well and look like you had your nails done by a professional- I’m not just saying that. My sisters, mom, and I literally gasped and squealed when we put on the strips that I had received in my influenster love voxbox. They’re really simple to apply, you just peel, stick, and shape your nails with the tiny nail file included. They last for up to ten days and come off without any nail polish remover (you just peel them off). They’re actually really sturdy, and stayed on through showers, dish washing, cooking, everything. Each package comes with 28 strips (including some for your toes) and only cost about $6.99 each.

Click here for product information, the Kiss Nail Dress website, reviews, and to follow Kiss Nails on Facebook and twitter! This is a really great product and I’m so pleased that I was selected to try it through influesters love voxbox, Kiss Nails has got themselves a customer in me (and all the girls over at my place)!

* I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes

Lovin’ My Influenster Love VoxBox!

I mentioned in a previous post about the abundance of sample subscription services out there. And one of the “boxes” I mentioned was the VoxBox- a program run by Influenster that connects qualifying members to the latest products and brands to hit the market, giving them a chance to try the products and post their own opinions about each individual product they receive in their VoxBox. I loved Influenster the second I heard about them, I feel like it’s a great way to give power back to the actual consumer. So I signed up, earned some badges, and now look at me! I’m doing my first post on my first ever VoxBox! So without further ado, I give you the Love VoxBox!

All my goodies!

In this box I received one Gillette Venus & Olay Razor ($8.99-$10.99), one Kiss Nail Dress- Fashion That Sticks ($6.99), one Stash Tea Herbal Tea Sampler ($3.50), one Ghirardelli Gourmet Creamy Devotion Bar ($2.99), and one Truvia Natural Sweetener 40 ct. box ($3.99). Naturally Ghirardelli’s Creamy Devotion bar was amazing- it was so wonderfully creamy that I made up my mind to buy another the next time I’m in Rite Aid (or any other drugstore). I really love that I received the Stash Tea Herbal Sampler, and that it was caffeine free. I can’t really have too much caffeine so I was really happy that I can actually enjoy teas flavors like Acai Berry, Blueberry Superfruit, Chamomile, Lemon Ginger, Licorice Spice, Mango Passionfruit, Peppermint, and Wild Raspberry Hibiscus minus any caffination. As for the Truvia, it’s an amazing alternative to sugar and I highly recommend it for pretty much anyone, it doesn’t have any awful after-taste, and it great with coffee or fruit.

There were two products in my box that I was extremely skeptical about, which was the Gillette Venus & Olay Razor and the Kiss Nail Dress- Fashion That Sticks nail polish adhesives. I always thought that the razors like the Gillette Venus were simply just a really expensive razor. And then I tried the Gillette & Olay one. Now I cannot say enough about this razor, first of all, it smells amazing. Second of all, the bars of moisturizer located around the razor blades leave your skin smelling, feeling, and looking amazing after shaving. The great thing about this razor is that you don’t need to apply any shaving cream, and the pivoting head of the razor makes it surprisingly easy to get to all those hard to reach areas. So if you’re looking for a really good razor, or hair removal product definitely pick up one of these at your local drugstore (RiteAid, CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart)- it’ll really cut your work in half and leave amazing results behind!

Actually works and looks amazing!

Now I’ve seen these nail “stickers” around for a while in my local Rite Aid, but as of yet I had not purchased any because it seemed pretty ridiculous for anybody to stick a “nail polish” nail on their finger and actually expect it to stay and not look like a first grader playing pretend (I totally stuck stickers on my nails and pretended that I had “real” nails- like fourteen years ago!). So I was super reluctant to try the Kiss Nail Dress- Fashion That Sticks Nail Polish adhesives, especially since I received them in a metallic silver and black crackle style (called camisole) and I have never been too keen on the crackle look. You can imagine my surprise when I actually tried them on and found how easy and gorgeous my nails looked- even with the crackled finish! These are super duper easy to apply, and they leave your nails looking like they were done by a professional- you cannot even tell that they were stick-ons!

All in all, I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to receive this box- I was able to discover new products like the Stash Tea, Venus Razors, and Kiss Nail Dress. Now I not only have new favorites, but I was able to try things that otherwise I would have definitely avoided (the razors, and the nail dress) and now I love them! Thanks influenster for this great opportunity! So if you’re looking for a really great quality razor, bar of chocolate, tea, sugar alternative, or nail product- the products featured in this post (that were in my box) are the way to go!