POPSUGAR NatureBox Review

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a massive POPSUGAR fan – I especially love their subscription POPSUGAR Must Have box. Every now and then they also do limited edition select boxes, and being a POPSUGAR Select Beauty Blogger, I was lucky enough to receive one such box. The box I was sent is a part of POPSUGAR Must Have’s recent partnership with NatureBox – another subscription service which I know and love – so I figured putting the concept behind these two boxes together was going to be a winning formula!


The POPSUGAR Must Have Snacks box included six various snack options including: Dried Peaches, Blueberry Almond Bites, Lemon Pucker Pistachios, Seaweed Rice Pops, and a special POPSUGAR Must Have Mix.

Firstly, I’m just going to put this out there, the whole selection is perfect for welcoming in the summer. From the Dried Peaches – which would be perfect as a garnish for a fizzy drink, to the Blueberry Almond Bites – which are great on the fly – I think all six bags were perfect snacking options.

Blueberry Almond Bites, POPSUGAR, NatureBox

The great thing is that if you’re not into diving straight into the snacks and eating them by themselves by the handful (unlike me, haha!), you can also incorporate some of them into fun meals. For instance, I restrained myself and saved the Lemon Pucker Pistachios for the next time I make soba noodles, and oriental chicken salad – they’re so going to add the perfect pop of nuttiness and citrus to both dishes!


My favorite of all six snacks was the POPSUGAR Must Have Mix – it was so good, I wish I had more! Thanks POPSUGAR & NatureBox!

For a limited time get your hands on this limited edition POPSUGAR Must Have Snacks by NatureBox for %50 off the normal monthly price of $19.99 by clicking here! That’s only $10 for this fantastic box stuffed with amazing snacks!

“Let It Go” of My FROZEN Eggo!


I have a really close relationship with my sisters, especially with my baby sister, Jules. I take her out all the time and one of our favorite things to do together is go to the movies. Our favorite movie so far this year has been Disney’s FROZEN. We both love that FROZEN celebrates the special love and bond between sister’s. At her insistence, I’ve taken her to see FROZEN four times, and she still can’t get enough of it! I really love how she identifies with both Anna and Elsa, and she has been begging, to have the movie on DVD so she can watch it as often as she likes. Luckily for her, the FROZEN DVD will hit Walmart shelves on March 18th, right before her birthday, at a special reduced price of $14.96 – down from $16.96!

#FROZENFun #CollectiveBias #shopI recently swung by Walmart to pick up a few essentials for the FROZEN themed mini-bash I plan on throwing Jules for her birthday. I definitely plan on stopping by on the 18th to pick up the FROZEN DVD – which by the way, you can score a $5 off offer with the purchase of specially marked 24 count Eggo waffles – but I wanted to pick up part of Jules’ FROZEN birthday present as well as some Eggos to make a special FROZEN inspired treat!


Lucky for me, I snagged the last plush Olaf! Olaf is Jules’ favorite – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overheard her singing “In Summer” to herself! I must admit, I too know the lyrics by heart, to this song and every other one in FROZEN. I also picked up plenty of Eggos!

I’ve been eating Eggos my whole life and so has Jules, they’re her favorites so I decided to pull together a fun, healthy, FROZEN Eggo snack – I call them Elsa’s Eggos!

Piping-FROZEN-WafflesI’ve watched enough cooking shows to know that presentation is everything and I really wanted for Jules to see her favorite movie in this treat, so I used Sugar Free Cool Whip with two drops of blue food coloring to get that snowy effect. When you mix up the Cool Whip with the food dye you don’t want to overmix – just a few folds and your good to go! If you don’t want to use food dye, you can also mix in jam or jelly (1 tablespoon for every two cups of Cool Whip). You don’t need any fancy tools, just a plastic baggie. Snip of the end and pipe around your stack of Eggos.

I also added blueberries between each layer and made a little blueberry mountain on top – a healthy nod toward Elsa’s ice castle, and sprinkled coconut flakes for more of a FROZEN snow effect. I love it – the blueberries and coconut give a really tropical taste, and there’s nothing like having the bursting flavor of blueberry enveloped within warm homestyle Eggos!


For extra fun you can pre-fill the bags and let your kids or party guests pipe their own FROZEN Eggo designs! I got a little carried away and made my Eggo interpretation of Olaf using light yogurt, fruit, sugar free cool whip, and coconut flakes.


I can’t wait to gift Jules the FROZEN DVD, Olaf plush (so she can give him plenty of warm hugs!), and treat her to some delicious Elsa’s Eggos – I’m certain it’ll be one of her most favorite birthdays yet! Don’t forget to pick up your FROZEN DVD at Walmart on March 18th, and pick up a box of specially marked Eggos (24 count) for additional savings!

Rockin’ and Radiant with Clearasil’s New Superfruit Cleansers!

*This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Clearasil, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #SuperFruits  http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.*

I love being a sister, but sometimes it can be a little bit of a challenge – especially when sisters like to “borrow” your things. But one thing I don’t mind sharing with my sisters is beauty products I love. Skincare secrets are meant to be shared, so my tween sister and I headed to Walmart to pickup Clearasil’s NEW! Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleansers!

Jules has been struggling with some early teen blemishes – they’re not really serious, but based on my experience we both wanted a maintenance product for her that would be gentle, yet effective. I love that Clearasil’s Superfruit Wash contains a blend of raspberry and cranberry extracts – which are not only known antioxidants, but also contain a boost of Vitamin B3.


We picked up Clearasil’s Daily Clear® Refreshing Superfruit Pads, and Daily Clear® Refreshing Superfruit Wash. They were $4.97 each at Walmart, but we used two $1 Off coupons – which you can also score by clicking here!

Superfruit Coupon

My blemish battle started when I was her age – very minimal, nothing serious until I got into my senior year of high school. Then it was much more prevalent. It was around that time that I started to get into cosmetics, so clearing up and taking care of my skin was definitely a priority. Throughout my skincare journey, I’ve learned a lot about my face – most importantly how sensitive it is. Which is why Clearasil’s Superfruit line is right up my alley. So, exercising my sister privileges, I borrowed some of Jules’ Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Pads. It has really helped in clearing up a few lingering (i.e. stubborn) zits.

Jules has incorporated her new wash into her skincare routine – which changes depending on the time of year. Because she’s a dancer and engages in a lot of physical activity she’ll use her cleanser every evening during the school year when she dances on a daily basis. While on vacation, she uses it every other day.

Beauty Routine


Meanwhile, I’ve been using the Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Pads as I get ready for New York Fashion Week. I’ll be covering a few events and definitely want my skin to look its very best, be healthy, camera ready, and blemish free! I love how it’s gentle enough for her young skin, and my sensitive skin, but strong enough to significantly reduce acne. Very much a winning product in my book.

Thinking about snapping up one (or all) of Clearasil’s NEW! Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleansers? Then don’t forget to print out this $1 Off coupon today, while it’s still available!

Skeeter Snacks Review and Giveaway! 2 Winners, Ends 2/1

I’m an avid snacker, but more than anything I love having cookies and milk. Nothing beats the classic after-school snack, one of my all-time favorite cookies are from Skeeter Snacks. Perfectly buttery, yummy, and crunchy their cookies are simply put, amazing. One of my most favorite treats, Skeeter Snacks are more than just yummy cookies, they are actually peanut and tree nut free cookies!


Right now an estimated 4% of American adults and 8% of children suffer from food allergies. With peanut and tree nut allergies affecting the majority of this population, an average of about 6 million adults and children have a peanut and/or nut allergy. So chances are you’ve probably heard about the precautions that must be taken for those that have such allergies. Maybe your child’s school no longer allows peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or maybe your kid isn’t allowed to bring in peanut M&M’s – the fact is is that something as harmless as a peanut can in fact end a person’s life. There are those who are severely allergic, and unfortunately many many snacks, treats, food, and sweets are made in facilities that process nuts and therefor make their product inedible for those adults and kids who are allergic to them.

There are brands and products out there that produce peanut and tree nut free snacks, but all too often they taste well, tasteless, and cost an arm and a leg. Skeeter Snacks is completely different, they’re reasonably priced and taste absolutely amazing! I would have never guessed that they were nut free if the adorable little Skeeter Squirrel’s (the only squirrel with a nut allergy) placard hadn’t suggested it.


Skeeter Snacks comes in Chocolate Chunk, Golden Oatmeal, Skeeter Doodle, and Chocolate Cubed. I don’t have any nut allergies, but I’m in love with these cookies! They are all seriously delicious, and they have the approval of both the kids and adults in my family. In fact we’ve already decided to switch from our mainstream well known popular brand of chocolate chip cookies and buy Skeeter Snacks instead. We all love that Skeeter Snacks as brand not only produces an amazing product, but that they provide resources and information for kids and adults wanting to learn more, or who are looking for support in being proactive about peanut/tree nut allergies.


Now about those cookies, I tried to find a favorite but I really just couldn’t choose. The Golden Oatmeal was just this warm mellow sweet oatmeal-y cookie that brought me right back to my childhood, when my mom used to give my sister and me oatmeal cookies while we did our homework. The Skeeter Doodle’s were super yummy – they had crystallized sugar on top, were super buttery, and had this great crunch. I’d say they are the ideal tea or coffee cookie. The Chocolate Chunk was really good – the perfect crunchy CCC.  And the Chocolate Cubed delivered some serious chocolate flavor – I loved how the cookie was crunchy but the chocolate chips were melty, I don’t know how the folks at Skeeter managed to do that but it was so good! And yes, all of them make a perfect afternoon snack with a glass of cold milk!

Now here’s that giveaway you’ve all been looking forward to, lol! Skeeter Snacks had been kind enough to offer TWO of my lucky readers and chance to try each of Skeeter Snack’s cookies! How cool is that? Here’s how to enter to win:

Leave ONE comment PER ENTRY!


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*I was sent a product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own, and not influenced in any way. This giveaway is only open to those who are 18+ residing in the USA. The prize will be sent by the sponsor at their expense. This giveaway ends at 2/1/2013 at 12pm. For more info, please see my PR tab at the top of the page- thanks!

EBOOST, for natural, long-lasting energy!

There are a zillion and one energy products out there on the market. But EBOOST is one of the few that boasts natural ingredients that provide a LASTING energy boost. I was always wary of energy drinks and supplements – I never knew exactly what was in them and I completely dreaded the crash that inevitably followed.

I actually have tried EBOOST before and the taste was alright – it was the orange one, and while I appreciated the boost of energy I just couldn’t imagine drinking it every time I needed some energy. Luckily in the Holiday VoxBox from Influenster I had a chance to try the Pink Lemondade version. The pink lemonade has a far better flavor – and if you’ve had energy drinks before then you know how hard it is to find an energy drink that tastes drinkable let alone good. I should warn you, it does have a bitter aftertaste, it doesn’t last long at all, but really just tastes like orange rind.


The packet advises that you mix it in with 12oz of water. Initially I mixed it with 12 oz, using the mason jars I bought (thanks Pinterest!) but ended up moving it to a larger pitcher because it was a little too sweet for my tastes and I wanted to add some more water. So personally, I’d mix it with like 20oz of ice cold water. It fizzes up like soda in the beginning, but then dies down a bit and tastes only subtly carbonated.

I would definitely recommend EBOOST to athletes, people who exercise- like when you need a boost before starting your cardio routine at home, and definitely students. I know I have a super full semester this Spring and I’ll definitely be needing an extra boost. I used my EBOOST when I had to pull an all-nighter and it keep me feeling awake enough that I powered through the night. But what I love most about EBOOST is that it gives you natural energy that lasts and contains vitamins and super nutrients like Vitamin C,  Vitamin D, and B-12! That to me is definitely a winning formula!

To check out more EBOOST reviews, check out Influenster’s EBOOST page or check out the EBOOST website here for more info!

*I received the product(s) mentioned in the post in from the Influenster Vox Box in order to facilitate a review. I am not obligated in any way to review the product. All opinions presented here belong to The NYC Talon, and are not influenced in any way.

Snack Happy with popchips!

I’m constantly snacking. I mean seriously, between school, blogging, and trekking around the city non-stop – I rely on my snacks as fuel for life. However, I don’t always snack healthily. In fact, my favorite snack is chips – which if you’ve ever turned the bag over and glanced at the nutritional facts know it’s far from being a healthy snack. Then I tried popchips, and everything changed. Well, not everything – but definitely my snacking habit.

All natural, with no cholesterol, trans fat, fake flavors, or colors, popchips is the healthier chip alternative. Simply put- I LOVE popchips. I don’t feel as guilty eating them as I do when munching my former favorite chip brand. Plus they have such light crispy crunch that really does it for me, and the flavors are great!

What I’m really excited about right now is popchips new line of tortilla chips! Starting with stoneground masa- the whole grain corn used to make traditional tortillas (we use masa allll the time in my house!), add a little heat, some pressure, and POP! Then the chips are topped off with (natural) yummy seasonings- speaking of which, popchips tortilla chips come in four flavors: nacho cheese, ranch, salsa, and chili limon.

I was lucky enough to try the whole popchips tortilla line- and they are seriously delicious! They’re all so good – my favorite was the chili limon, with the salsa following as a close second. I love having new and flavorful (and healthier) snack options, especially with the holidays approaching. The holidays means being with friends and family- and for me that means snacking a lot (my family and friends are all serious foodies) – so it’s nice to know I won’t have to carbo-load in order to have and share a yummy snack with the people that I love. Never fried (unhealthy) and never baked (blech- totally gross), popchips are officially my favorite chips!

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy commercial I’d say when you’re snacking this Halloween, at the office, in school, waiting for the Thanksgiving Turkey to finally be done cooking, or even elbowing somebody in the face while in line for an insane Black Friday deal (just kidding, no elbowing people! That’s totally unclassy!) definitely reach for some popchips – your waistline will thank you and so will your taste buds!

Have you tried popchips before? If you have, what’s your favorite flavor? Have you had a chance to try their new tortilla line??? What flavor has you most excited??? Let me know in the comments section below!!!

* Disclosure: I received popchips products for review purposes only. No other compensation was provided. All opinions belong to The NYC Talon, and are not influenced in any way (for more info, please check out my pr page).

Country Life Maxi Hair Supplement Review

Back in the beginning of summer I had a bit of a crisis. I could have sworn that I was losing my hair. There seemed to an influx in hair left on my brush, and down my shower drain. As somebody who has lived her whole life with lush locks I was pretty nervous about my sudden hair loss. I was concerned enough about it to do some serious “hair-loss” googling! Then BlogHer happened and I was too caught up in that to pay much attention to anything else. However, then fall started and I headed back to school – and I noticed it again. My hair seemed thinner, and less life-like then before. Maybe it was stress? Or maybe I wasn’t getting enough vitamins?

Lucky for me, I had the chance to try Country Life’s Maxi Hair Supplement! I know, I know – this might sound like a cheesey ad- but- I would have never considered taking a supplement unless I had received it in my Naturals Vox Box. In fact, even when I had received it I was a little skeptical. I have pretty strong and healthy nails, and my skin isn’t terrible or anything- so I was reluctant to add yet another thing to my morning routine. But like a good product tester, I obediently tested.

In the three weeks that I’ve been using Country Life’s Maxi Hair I’ve noted a welcome change. It looks like my hair loss has been reduced to a normal level. I’m definitely seeing less of it in the shower, and on my hairbrush. In fact, it’s also gotten some serious shine going on – it’s looking really healthy! Even the tips of my nails are looking whiter, and healthier!

Overall, I’m really happy about Country Life’s Maxi Hair supplement – the pill’s a little big, and has a strong smell, but these are minor issues. I would definitely buy them again! But don’t just take my word for it- read what other influensters have to say about the supplement here – and check out the other products that Country Life has to offer here!

*I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster. Opinions expressed belong to The NYC Talon and are not influenced in any way. Please feel free to view my full disclosure, and PR policy.

Summer, SOYJOY, and a Giveaway!

About a year ago I was introduced to the SOYJOY bar- and since then I’ve been a massive fan. Gluten free, and absolutely delicious- I always have one hidden inside my purse in case I’m in need of a snack or, as my little sister puts it, a “knosh”.

This summer I was super busy. Between my first (huge) blogging conference, picnicking with my family, going on long walks, and general summer activities I was on my feet and moving around a lot. And more often than not, when I was in need of a snack SOYJOY was my first choice.

Because they’re baked with real fruit and ground whole soy- whose nutrients provide sustained energy to keep hunger in check between meals- SOYJOY bars are a healthy, portable snack that can fit into any healthy diet. They now come in 7 yummy flavors: Apple Walnut, Berry, Banana, Blueberry, Mango Coconut, Pineapple, and Strawberry- my personal favorites are Strawberry and Berry!

The texture of these bars is unlike any other bar that I’ve tried. Most bars have a sticky sort of honey and nut consistency. But the SOYJOY bars have a dense, moist, soft cookie texture (if that makes sense) – which tastes amazing! I was curious about how the bars were made so I went on over to the SOYJOY website and happily discovered that SOYJOY is pretty transparent on the nutritional facts, benefits, and process of making their bars. Here’s what I found about how the bars are cooked up:

Now, I’ve had a pretty darn SOYJOYous summer. I mean these bars have provided much needed sustenance for me and my family on more than one occasion- and now SOYJOY wants to provide one of my lucky readers with their own SOYJOY prize pack! Here’s a pic of everything the winner will receive:

The SOYJOY Prize Pack will include:

- Each of the 7 SOYJOY Flavors

- Pair if SOYJOY Sunglasses

- SOYJOY Blanket

- SOYJOY Cooler

- Recipe card with a refreshing fruit smoothie recipe

Want a chance to add some JOY to your life? Then click the image below to be taken to the rafflecopter form!

*Disclosure: I received a product in order to conduct this review/giveaway. This is a US only giveaway, open to those 18+ at the time of entry.

August Conscious Box Review

I love blogging- I really do! But another past-time of mine is entering giveaways. No, I’m not one of those TLC-show-worthy ladies who spends her time entering thousands of sweepstakes a day. I just don’t have that sort of time or energy. Plus, I ain’t crazy – and I have a life. Nevertheless, I do enter my name into a few drawings here and there – and it’s always a wonderful surprise to find out I’ve won. Recently, I won a Conscious Box on a facebook page of one of my favorite sites (that has been on my blogroll for more than a few months now) www.subscriptionboxes.com – which is a great resource for finding subscription box services that are right for you. Anyways, without further ado, here’s my review of August’s Conscious Box!

This month’s box had a theme of “Rediscovering Your Groove”- enjoying those last few golden days of summer, and holding on the fun and energy of it, while also embracing fall’s tried and true path’s.
The products were as follows:

Crunchmaster Gluten-Free Multi-Grain Seasalt Crackers (.5oz bag), Go Raw Organic Real Live Apricot Bar (Net WT 12g), St.Claire’s Organics Watermelon Tarts, thinkThin Crunch Blueberry & Mixed Nuts fruit and nuts bar, thinkThin Crunch Chocolate Dipped Nuts bar (1.41 oz), a pouch of Honest Kids Berry Good Lemon drink, Weleda Pomegranate Firming Serum (1.0 FL oz), 2 loads worth of Berryplus laundry detergent, Fruity Splash Kids Natural Vitality Calm Multi-Vitamin (1 fl oz), 100% Pure Free Range Chicken Poop chapstick (contains NO POOP), Crispy Green Crispy Mangoes 100% Freeze-Dried Mangoes (0.36 oz), as well as various coupons and codes for other green-themed products.

Normally, I review every product (as with my Love with Food boxes) but the Conscious box had a so many products that I figure it would get a little tiresome to read a description and review for every single thing. So I’ll just let you know which products really stood out to me. The first on my list would be the Berryplus laundry detergent- the packaging was really attractive (in a clean, modern looking way) and the concept of green (the soap is derived from tree products) detergent is brilliant. Another of my Conscious Box fav’s was the Weleda Pomegranate Firming Serum- which was fulled sized btw and retails at $45! I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve read a lot of great things about it and I’m excited to try it out. The Chicken Poop chapstick was a nice addition to the box, and quite a conversation starter. What I really appreciate about Conscious Box is that they provide an amazing mixture of products to try- they provide something related to beauty, food, health, and wellness.

Conscious Box advertises as a great way to discover the best green, ethical, and sustainable products on the market- right at your doorstep every month for $19.95 a month. I’d say, based on this months box, that Conscious box is an excellent way to discover eco-friendly products- especially if you’re into health food” and/or environmentally friendly products. They provide a good amount of product samples (and some full-sized products) for the cost of subscription- and I’d certainly subscribe if I wasn’t living on a students budget. I really loved this box, and would definitely recommend it – even if you just get it for one month, it’s worth trying at least once.

To find out more, or to subscribe visit Conscious Box’s website here!

As always, if you have any questions about the products mentioned here, or any comments, leave them below in the comments section- I’ll be sure to answer you ASAP!

August Favorites – The Hit List!

August has been a whirlwind month for me. Between BlogHer ’12, getting ready for back to school, and enjoying the last days of summer, I’ve managed to find so many new favorite products!

At the top of my list is the hottest toy at my house right now- the Perpluxus Epic 3D Puzzle! I can honestly attest to the fact that this game, despite being marketed to kids 8+, thoroughly appeals to puzzle-lovers of all ages. Picked up at the BlogHer ’12 swag echange at the Hilton, everybody in my house has had a go at solving it (although not everybody has actually solved it, including *cough,cough* yours truly). We love it, so if you’re looking for a game for a birthday, or if you’re already making a gameplan for Christmas – definitely look into getting your hands on one of these. Although, you should be careful, because if you drop it (or if it rolls off your bed, like ours did) – then a little piece could pop off the puzzle and render it semi-broken (like ours is).

The next item on my list is another product that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with, and that’s Kiss’ Impress Nails. This has already received a lot of hype all over the internet, in magazines, everywhere- but this is really one of those rare products that actually is deserving of all the hype surrounding it. So get your talons on a set of these, they’re perfect for when you’re on the go and want chip-proof, professional looking nails. Check out their designs, and get a $1 coupon here!

Have you ever purchased one really good-for-you sounding snack bar only to find that it’s chock full of sugar and carbs? Yeah, been there, done that. Rickland Orchards new Greek Yogurt Bar’s are the solution to your snacking woe’s (because there’s nothing worse than a snacking woe). Not only do they taste really really good (my favorite is the Cherry Almond one’s), but they only have 22 carbs, and boast 5 g’s of fiber (leaving your net carb at 17), and 7g’s of protein – which is pretty good as far as snack bars go.

I cannot get enough of the smell of the Apotheke:M Coconut Jasmine Enriched Body Creme- it’s definitely my favorite body creme right now. It has a nice coconut scent, without being heavy like most products with shea butter usually are. The jasmine acts as a toner, chamomile as a soother, argan oil as a emollient, and avocado and shea butter acts as moisturizers. I haven’t had a chance to try the whole line (which is priced at $8.99 a piece at Target), but if they’re as good as the creme then I’ll definitely purchase the whole set!

So that’s it for my August monthly favorites! Have you discovered any new products you love??? Let me know in the comments section below!