Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Collection Review

For the past few weeks I’ve been gradually lightening my hair. Lightening or bleaching your hair is a surprisingly tenuous process. In addition to blonder strands, the process can also bring out the beauty geek in you – suddenly you’re looking for items like T-18 toners, color sealers, color boosters, and deep conditioning activators. You’ll spend an hour in the beauty aisle debating the effects of olaplex with other bottle blondes, all while flipping through your saved pins of gorgeous (and totally unrealistic) blonde hair looks. This entire coloring process is actually very interesting, but all this work has really made me even pickier than normal about what I’m putting in my hair. I don’t want to damage the color and I certainly don’t want a product that needs to be piled on to be effective. Enter Matrix’s new addition to the Oil Wonders line, the Volume Rose Collection.


The Oil Wonders Volume Rose Collection consists of five products: a pre-shampoo treatment, shampoo, conditioner, plumping mousse, and finishing spray. The entire line is infused with rosehip oil, and smells divine. Matrix does a great job with scents in general, and this one is not obnoxiously rosey (it’s not your grandma’s potpourri) – it’s floral without being soapy, and makes your entire bathroom smell lovely. Also, how gorgeous is the packaging!? I’m in love with rose gold look to this collection, it’s so nice to go in the shower and see these – it’s so luxurious!

Matrix Oil Wonders Shampoo ConditionerOil Wonders Volume Rose Review

But does it work? The line boasts an up 78% more volume for fine hair when using the entire system. While I was using the line I definitely noticed increased volume – in particular, after using the plumping mousse.

At first I was not thrilled with the idea of using a pre-shampoo treatment. I thought it would weigh my hair down even more. However, the shampoo and conditioner (silicone free) are actually much more delicate, which leaves room for the oil based pre-shampoo treatment. The shampoo is a great cleanser, but I don’t get that sort of rough, stripped feeling when I’m done. And the conditioner leaves my strands slippery and silky.

Oil Wonders Pre Shampoo Treatment

Meanwhile, the pre-shampoo treatment is designed to provide dedicated nourishment to damaged strands in order to reduce breakage of fine hair. The treatment is meant to attach to only the damaged areas of hair to ensure zero added weight. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! This treatment is exactly what my hair needed after all that bleach and toner. I did find that I prefer to apply the treatment to the ends of my hair and along my hairline where the damage has been more concentrated and it has worked wonderfully. I mean, I can definitely tell the difference in the texture of my hair from prior to using the collection to now, especially when I’m heat styling it.

Matrix Oil Wonders

The collection runs from $18-24 depending on which product you’re getting. I definitely recommend taking a look at this collection if you’re looking to pamper your strands, or even if you’ve recently colored your hair like I have. Find out more about the Oil Wonders Rose Oil Collection here.

*Product samples were provided in order to facilitate this review. However, all opinions presented here are my own.*

New in Beauty: Matrix Style Link Gloss, Hold, & Volume Boosters

Matrix Booster Series

What I first noticed about Matrix’s Style Link collection is that each and every single product smells absolutely amazing. Seriously. The entire Style Link line consists of fourteen products, designed to Prep, Play, Perfect, and Boost your style. While I’m still in the process of using and reviewing some of the Style Link products that Matrix generously sent my way*, I wanted to specifically call out the booster products in this collection. The Matrix Style Link collection features three boosters, Gloss, Hold, and Volume Booster. The genius behind the Booster products is that they can be used alone, or as well as a booster to another product. For instance, you could add a drop of Gloss Booster to the Matrix Smooth Setter or to their hair spray – you could even use it with other brands too. I love that you can really experiment with the intensity of the product and that it lends you more control over how you’re styling your hair. Here’s the low down on each booster:

Matrix Style Link Boosters ReviewMatrix1

Gloss Booster –  Utilize this unique concentrated formula to add serious shine to your ‘do. What makes this a stand-out product is not just that it successfully adds a lovely shine and finish to your locks but that it can also work to soften hold. Use on damp or dry hair.

Hold Booster – A little goes a long way with this Booster. This formula is surprisingly light and non-sticky, and it’s ideal for taming unruly flyaways and keeping your style on lock.

Matrix Volume Booster Style Link Collection

Volume Booster – With a consistency bordering on a serum and a gel, the Matrix Volume Booster delivers amazing volume (especially when paired up with a little Volume Builder Mousse). I recommend it if you’re someone who likes to blow dry your hair after showering – just apply this to towel dry hair before you start styling. Bonus points = this does not leave your hair feeling lightly glued together or leaves your roots feeling gooey.

More information on the Matrix Style Link collection and Boosters can be found here. Each Boost runs about $20 a bottle, but is well worth it considering that a little goes a very long way where these are concerned.

Have you tried any of Matrix’s styling products? What are your favorite hair styling tools? Let me know in the comments below!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Exclusive Interview with NYM & NYFW Stylist Michele Carrillo!

This fall’s Style 360 Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week runway shows drew quite a crowd of celebrities this year, including Anna Wintour, Coco Rocha, Carmen Electra, etc. As one of the event’s title sponsors, all runway hair looks were styled by Not Your Mother’s Haircare and lead stylist Michele Carrillo. With over 10 years experience in the business as a stylist and makeup artist I was so excited to get to ask Michele a few questions of my own!

The NYC Talon: What is your favorite hair look that you’ve seen on the runway this season?

Michele Carillo: Fave runway hair look this season would have to be sleek & straight behind the ears look I created for Angela Simmons show, for its simplicity. Hair looked chic & sophisticated yet was wearable off the runway and extremely easy to achieve.


TNT: What are your top five styling essentials right now?

Michele: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak refreshing dry shampoo, Not Your Mother’s Beat the Heat thermal shield spray, a teasing comb with pointed end, Mason Pearson brush and a t3 featherlight hair dryer.

TNT: What look do you think will be popular this fall and winter?

Michele: I believe heading into the fall/winter the beauty industry will be gearing more towards the more “natural look”. With that being said I believe effortless hairstyles will be in, such as a low and sleek ponytail and no fuss tousled hair. Bangs will be back as well.


TNT: Is there a trend or style that you wish would die out? And is there a style that you can’t get enough of?

Michele: As a stylist, there will always be a trend or hairstyle that will feel repetitive day in and day out but I believe that every client can put their own “spin” on it and customize it just enough to make it their own. As for one of my favorite hair looks, it would have to be anything braided. French braids, loose and tousled fishtail braids, milkmaid braids, trendier braided styles such as the look I created for the Walter Mendez collection (WantMyLook/Lilly Ghalichi)…the list can go on and on. Braids can be so versatile! They can go from effortless and casual at the gym to fun and sexy for night time.


TNT: Having over 10 years of experience as a stylist and makeup artist is there something you wish that your clients would ask you and/or are there any tips or tricks you can share?

Michele: Tip/trick: Seems simple enough but clean, damp hair works best for blowouts and day old hair normally works best for up do’s and curled styles.

TNT: What’s your favorite NYM product(s)?

Michele: My favorite NYM products would be: Clean Freak dry shampoo, She’s a Tease volumizing hair spray, Beat The Heat thermal shield spray and Lock Luster Oil Treatment.


Thanks Michele & Not Your Mother’s haircare for the interview!

To follow Michele’s work check out her facebook page here!

To find out more about NYM’s click here!

*All photos featured here are not my own, and were provided to me by the NYM’s team.

Keep Your Color Vibrant with Nexxus Color Assure!


Going ginger was not my initial intent when I decided to dye my hair this summer. Actually, I wanted to go for a pinterest-y ombre look that I had fallen hard for. Apparently I went about it the wrong way, because apparently those oft-pinned ombre looks tend to be done in luxury salons with trained professionals and not a small NYC home with a box of dye from the drugstore and a pinterest-obsessed blogger. After a crash course in hair resuscitation (thanks mom!) I now am the proud owner of lovely ginger/auburn locks. And while my hair coloring experience wasn’t completely ideal, thanks to the Nexxus Color Assure line I’ve found a post-coloring haircare that is!

Nexxus Color Assure Blogger Review

First off, before we get into a performance rating, I’d like to mention the packaging of the Nexxus Color Assure line. I’m a sucker for pink packaging, especially if it’s done well and Nexxus pulled it off perfectly with this line – the reflective seal on the pre-wash primer makes me feel like I’m lavishing my strands with extra special hair science!

Now on to the important bits, I’ve been giving the entire line an exclusive test drive for the last few weeks, so no other haircare product have I taken to my strands and this was my impression: Ideally you would use the entire line together – like I did, which include the Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo, Conditioner, Pre-Wash Primer, and Glossing Tonic. The Pre-Wash Primer works so that it seals in the color on your strands, creating a barrier that – despite the use of shampoo and conditioner – keeps your color bright, vibrant, and healthy looking.


I have long hair which tends to get oily at the roots while staying dry at the ends, so I was actually a bit worried that the Pre-Wash Primer would exacerbate my oily roots. It didn’t. I feel like the only way to describe the consistency or the effect of the Primer is to say that it feels like a dry oil. You take about 4-6 pumps worth and apply it to your hair prior to showering – you want you hair to be coated but not oily. After showering you finish your hair with the Glossing Tonic, you have to shake it up, but it gives your hair a nice shiny finish.

I honestly feel like the line has helped contribute to the fact that I love my new hair color because it’s managed to help me avoid all the pitfalls of post hair-coloring. All four products in the line smell amazing, and despite adding an oil product to my hair before showering, the shampoo leaves my hair and scalp feeling clean without feeling stripped. And thanks to the conditioner and Glossing Tonic, my hair looks and feels soft and retains the captivating wild orchid scent that features throughout the entire line. 

Nexxus Color Assure

I consider Nexxus to be a luxury drugstore brand, it’s salon quality care available at a lower price point. If you’re someone who is serious about your haircolor and want to keep your hair in top condition this line is definitely a worthwhile investment. I love the whole line, but I definitely plan on giving the Pre-Wash Primer and Glossing Tonic permanent positions on my haircare roster.

*This post is sponsored by Nexxus and Condé Nast however all opinions, as always, are my own.

Mark Hill MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment Review

I recently got my hands on a tub of Mark Hill MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment with Morrocan Argan Oil, Ylang-Ylang, & Palmarosa. The treatment actually boasts an “exotic blend” of 14 essential oils and plant extracts and is paraben free. Initially, I didn’t think I was going to like the treatment – the smell is sort of a citrus spicy musk. However, it smells far better in the shower and in your hair then it does right in the jar/tub.

After shampooing, you squeeze out your hair and apply a generous amount to your hair – massaging from roots to ends. You leave it in for 2 minutes, and wash it out.

This past month I actually cut and died my hair, going from a brunette to a more dark red color. So my hair is pretty dehydrated and I’ve definitely been worried about damage caused by the dye. I’m always on the lookout for good hair treatments and masks, but this one is “it” for me right now. I only use it about once a week, because my hair tends to be more oily at the roots, so if my hair was not recently treated I would probably use it around the lines of once every two weeks.

The great thing is that I feel like my hair look’s shinier then ever – but in a good healthy way, not oily way, haha! Plus, my hair doesn’t look dried out or damaged after using my hot iron. I don’t know if you’re like me, but after I color my hair I kind of feel like I’m damaging it when I iron it or blow dry it – like the heat is making any damage from the dyes worse – but since I’ve been using the treatment my hair looks and feels stronger so I don’t really worry at all (okay, I worry a little bit – old habits and all).

The Mark Hill MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment is distributed by Boots, but available in Walgreens, or if you live/work in NYC, in Duane Reade! You can find out more about Mark Hill here, and more about the treatment here. If you’ve tried it or have a product recommendation – let me know in the comments below!

The Curl of My Dreams with Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream!

For all my life I’ve wanted to have curly hair. Unfortunately, out of all my mom’s daughters, I was the only one born with straight hair. My sisters have curls ranging from corkscrew curls to romantic loose curls – but me, no such luck. Every other week I’ll pull out my curling iron and cook my stubborn hair into curls – which never really turns out well, and I often resemble Courage the Cowardly Lion until the weight of my hair and gravity straightens out my hard won curls on its own. Still, I’ve never given up the dream, and was super excited to try the Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream sample in my Influenster Beauty Bloggers VoxBox.

I was super surprised at how well this works – I applied the cream to my hair after taking a shower and slept with my hair in a loose bun, and the next morning I woke up with beautiful (natural looking) bouncy curls! They weren’t overdone – and my hair smelled insanely good. Gorgeous curls minus the heat damage, you can’t ask for much else. I used the cream on my sister’s hair, saturating her wet hair from root to tip, flipping it over and blow drying her hair with a diffuser. It came out looking so good and shiny; I just had to share a pic with you!

Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream has grapeseed and jasmine flower extract that eliminated frizz and flyaways and adds extra bounce to your curls. I love this cream, it works so well that I cannot wait to try the rest of the Not Your Mother’s line of products – find out more about Not Your Mother’s and the rest of their line on their website here!

*I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster. All opinions presented here belong to The NYC Talon, and are not influenced in ANY way (for more info, please see my PR page).