Review: Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Multi-Finish ‘Glambition’ Eye Palette

Influenced by textiles and layering, the new Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic multi-finish palettes were on my radar since early this summer. While debating whether or not to splurge on a new palette, the folks at influenster sent me one of my own (a.k.a. that was my disclaimer). Cue my personal happy dance! I thought I would share some of my thoughts about this collection – specifically the Glambition palette – that I was lucky enough to receive.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Blogger Influencer

At first glance, the packaging is very luxurious and sleek. The Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palettes always remind me of razor clams. Crack them open and its treasure is less edible and more exciting. I’m not going to lie, there is a ton of brand recognition cachet involved in the whole experience. I would be less thrilled if ‘Marc Jacobs’ was spelled out across the front in silver font. The clasp is not at all flimsy, in fact I love hearing the snap when it’s opened or closed. It’s sturdy, travel friendly, a luxury product without being ridiculous. Would I feature this in a bunch of beauty themed Instagram flat lays? Yes, yes I would.

Marc Jacobs BeautyMarc Jacobs Beauty Eye Conic Review

Each of the eye-conic palettes feature a nod to the textures of lamé, silk, satin, and velvet. The Glambition palette contains seven shades: She Was, Infamous, Known For, Seeking, The Most, Over The Top, and Glamour. You might have noticed that the shades, when said consecutively all bead into a sentence: She was infamous, known for seeking the most over the top glamour. I actually didn’t realize that for a while, haha! I’m really curious as to what the other palettes from this collection say! It’s such a clever little detail.

Marc Jacobs Beauty ReviewMarc Jacobs Glambition Palette

Glambition is the bronze and bare set of the collection, it’s colors are eye wardrobe essentials. What makes them special is the specific shades for this palette, the quality of the formulation, and their blending ability. My first impression was that the shadows, and especially the The Most shade was that they were very buildable. Initial application is velvety, but the more you push the shade around – with your makeup brush or even your fingertips – the consistency becomes lighter and more even.

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic PaletteGlambitionMarc Jacobs Eye Conic Palette Review

It’s not an intimidating palette. It’s more like a palette that you can’t go wrong with – all the colors are usable, which means that at a retail value of $49, or $7 a shade, this is actually reasonably affordable. Unlike more expensive or similarly priced palettes that you won’t get much use out of because the colors are not conducive to every-day wear. However, if you’re more adventurous, the other five palettes of the collection offer a variety of other shades including plums, deep purples, lovely emeralds, sky blues, and dark navy.

Check out the entire line at Marc Jacobs Beauty or find them at Sephora.

*This product was complimentary, received in order to facilitate this review.*

New in Beauty: butter LONDON ShadowClutch & Wardrobe Duos

There’s nothing more exciting to me than when a brand I know and love comes out with a new and innovative beauty product. This year butter LONDON has released a new addition to their cosmetic line – the butter LONDON ShadowClutch. This gem actually ended up on my desk some while ago, and I haven’t really had a chance to try it until recently. It’s a customizable clutch designed to display butter LONDON’s new range of eyeshadows – and in my opinion it’s a perfect travel companion, and certainly a great gift for the holidays.

butter LONDON Shadow Clutch Review |

Butter LONDON has formulated their eyeshadows to be infused with primer, oil-absorbing, and skin balancing, with plenty of color payoff. Having been a favorite polish brand of nail artists and beauty junkies everywhere, it’s obvious that butter LONDON knows what they’re doing in terms of color. What really makes this palette stand out from the rest is the size, the convenience, and the innovative design that allows you to slide out eyeshadows, and replace them with new ones without disturbing the look of the clutch and with complete control and stability. The clutch really is a perfect size for traveling, taking on-the-go, or just using at home. A lot of build-it-yourself palette’s tend to be bulky, this one is not.

butter LONDON Shadow Clutch Review |

I was sent the Natural Charm ShadowClutch to test out. Now,  I have plenty of natural/neutral palettes so I don’t need another one – but this one is not your standard neutral. The eyeshadows included are Linen (a matte vanilla), Quartz (a warm beige sheen), Camo (a dark khaki sheen), Camel (matte nude), Citrine (coral sheen), and Leather (matte chocolate brown). I was completely enraptured with how smooth the formula is, and how much I loved the colors – I definitely appreciate the Camel and Citrine, two colors I haven’t yet seen in a neutral palette, but are both so gorgeous and easy to use.

butter LONDON Shadow Clutch Review |

I was also sent two Wardrobe Duos – eyeshadow pieces that are sold in twos and designed to fit in the palette – in Moody Blues and Fancy Flutter. The Moody Blues duo features shades Sequins (soft mint green sheen), and Sapphire (a navy blue sheen). Fancy Flutter features Feather (a beige sheen), and my favorite new color of the year, Plume – a multidimensional chameleon sheen that I seriously cannot get enough of.

butter LONDON Shadow Clutch Review |

The butter LONDON ShadowClutch only costs $39, and each Wardrobe Duo clocks in at $15. This means that each shadow in the clutch clocks in at around $6.50 each, and $7.50 each for the Wardrobe Duo – which is a real steal as most custom palette’s cost quite a bundle and some don’t even include eyeshadows with the cost of the palette. Plus the eyeshadows themselves are up there in terms of quality with much more expensive brands, and cost as little as some drugstore eyeshadows. Honestly, I’m kicking myself for not seizing on the clutch sooner – it’s definitely one of the more exciting pieces that I’ve seen this year.

You can pick up the clutch and check out other shades from butter LONDON here. So ladies, what do you think? Do you like the butter LONDON ShadowClutch? Do you know anyone who’d love to get their hands on one?

Vincent Longo Pearl X Eyeshadow in Code 6 Pink Review

I was introduced to the joys of marbled eyeshadows a few years ago, and while I currently don’t own too many of them, for a few months I’ve been obsessed with this one from Vincent Longo. The Pearl X Eyeshadows come in five different shades, the one I own is Code 6 Pink.

Vincent Longo, Beauty Blogger, Eyeshadow, Review

Admittedly, when I first received it I was a little scared about the grey shade in there. I have light skin with warm undertones and grey has always washed me out. It’s a color that I’ve virtually eliminated from my wardrobe so I wasn’t overly excited to put it on my face. Luckily, I was dead wrong about the grey in this eyeshadow.

Vincent Longo, Beauty Blogger, Eyeshadow, Review

When mixed together the eyeshadow is a lovely shimmery pale lavender pink color. If you have brown eyes you will absolutely love this eyeshadow – it really sets off my brown eyes, which a quality not found in many eyeshadows IMHO.

Vincent Longo, Beauty Blogger, Eyeshadow, Review

The swatch above is pretty true to life – the grey and blue give depth to the pink, so it goes from being a basic shadow to one with more depth. The texture is pretty silky, and the color payoff is off the charts.

Each Vincent Longo Pearl X Eyeshadow runs about $25, which is more on the pricey side, but considering the color payoff and quality of the product, and the fact that it’s one of those products that will last forever, if you can, I think it’s a splurge worth making. You can pick it up on the Vincent Longo site, here.

*This product was received complimentary for review, all opinions are my own.*

BA Star Natural Eye Shadow Palette – Affordably Fabulous!

I just found an amazing high-end makeup dupe for a fraction of the price! I recently had a chance to try BA Star’s Natural Shadow palette and I have to say it has the same quality and same color payoff as the shadows in my Urban Decay Naked palette!

BAStar Makeup Palette

Comparable to high end eye shadow palettes, the colors in the Natural Shadow palette are extremely versatile and blendable – which gives you access to a variety of shades. It includes three mineral shadows in Bronze, Cocoa, and Nude along with two gel glitters – Gold and Crystal.



Going for a lighter daytime look here

What I love about this palette is that you can wear the glitter as a standalone eyeliner or shadow – or you can mix it with either the Bronze, Cocoa, and Nude and create a gorgeous custom ultra glam shade of your own! I used an elf brush to apply the shadows because I wasn’t a big fan of the applicator. Nude works as a great highlighter and looks beautiful swept across your lid for a lighter day look. I’m in love with the Bronze shadow because it’s such a pretty warm color – and it very buildable – so you can go darker with this one if you like. Also, Bronze looks amazing as a liner for your lower lash line! Cocoa is the perfect dark shadow for this set, it makes a great smoky eye and works wonderfully as a liner and blended into the corners of your eye.

BAStar Eye Shadow

Bronze, Cocoa, and Nude

What I love best thought about BA Stars compact eyeshadows is that they go on beautifully – and feel like velvet! I don’t know how they did it, but it feels like a cross between creme and powder shadow. It holds very well to your skin and doesn’t feel heavy at all. They just feel so smooth, look gorgeous, and last for hours – without any primer!


Gold and Crystal Gel Glitters

BA Star caters to dancers, cheerleaders, and trendsetters – providing top quality products at extremely affordable prices! This palette only runs for $8.75 – and you get a discount if you’re ordering six or more. The BA Star palettes come in Natural Shadow – the one I received  Smoky, Pretty N Pink, and True Blue. Right now, BA Star is offering a discount to readers of The NYC Talon, for a limited time you can use code BBSMOKY to knock 50% off your BA Star Palette order! Check out their online store here or by clicking the image below!


*I was sent a product sample by BA Star in order to facilitate this review. No compensation was provided. All opinions presented here belong to The NYC Talon and are not influenced in any way.

Sample Boxes: Why I Can’t Wait for the Mail

For as long as I remember “mail-time” has been one of my most favorite time of day. Even when I was too young to actually receive anything I used to get excited.Now that I’m older and I actually receive things in the mail, my most anticipated time of day has gotten even better.

However, I don’t always get things in the mail. And a month without anything but bills and maybe a couple of home decoration magazines doesn’t seem like much of a month at all. That’s why I’ve decided to subscribe to Subscription Sample Boxes. Yup, you read that right. I am going to pay for somebody to send me a box of samples. But these samples aren’t a bunch of scratch and sniff perfume cards (not that I don’t love those either). These companies go through the trouble of arranging a select number of premier samples, and sending them out to their customers in adorable packages. Among these (nineteen) Subscription Sample Box’s are box’s for foodies, make-up fans, and those looking for environmentally friendly, healthy products to test out. If they tell you that they’re all sold out, subscribe to an email update so you’ll know when they’re available again- act quick because they go fast!

 Birchbox: The infamous subscription retail company has been featured on a just about every news platform out there from People to The Times- and for good reason. They deliver high end samples at $10 a box/month. Check out some happy customers YouTube vid’s here. Also, Birchbox is a NYC-based company- so yay Birchbox!

VoxBox: Now I’ve done my research and Voxbox has a lot of really good reviews. I just joined myself, but you should know that the box is part of a program called influenster. It’s a really great program that allows users to qualify for boxes and then review them- which creates a really good environment for active consumerism where users promote brands they love.

My Glam: The monthly glam bag sent to customers is fiLled with 4-5 samples of full-sized products and is paired with video’s created by stylists using the products included in the bag. At $10 a month- MyGlam is well worth a try and is a great opportunity for brand discovery.

Conscious Box: “Conscious Box is a monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet- just like you.” Conscious box is a little more expensive at $12 a month, plus $7 shipping- but has received some pretty positive reviews.




Julep Maven: Being a Julep Maven means that you get access to the beauty editor Sneak Peak Box created by Julep every month. The box is filled with the hottest trends in nail color and the latest mani/pedi care products. A subscription is $19.99 a month. Reviews here. For a limited time use the code COLOR2012 to get the box for $0.01!!!

Foodzie: Foodzie tasting boxes are run by the artisinal food site Foodzie. A tasting box for one month costs $29.95. These boxes make for great gifts, each box is carefully selected by the Foodzie team- which pretty much ensures a wide range of quality products.

GoGo Girlfriend: Right now gogo girlfriend is only allowing people to sign up on their waiting list. And for good reason. They’re notorious online for sending out great make-up sample boxes (especially to their premium members). If you happen to be able to score the chance to obtain membership- don’t hesitate. Basic membership is $6.99 a month (1 box every 2 months), premium is $12.99 a month (for a monthly box).

BlissmoBox: For $19 a month, you’ll get a box filled with organic eco-friendly products. What’s great about BlissmoBox is that you get to choose which box you want from a set of curated limited quantity box options. They also offer a “BreakBox” for non-junky office snacks.

Eco-Emi: Another “green” box, Eco-Emi offers a wide variety of eco-friendly products for $15 a month. Their packaging is supposed to be super adorable as well.

New beauty Test Tube: New Beauty’s test tube includes their magazine, various beauty samples, and a $50 gift card to all for $29.95- of all the sample subscription boxes. I’d have to say this one offers the best deal- the gift card alone pays for the cost of one month.

Beauty Army: Beauty Army gives you the option of choosing exactly what samples you want from their selection of products. With premium packaging, the Beauty Army box can arrive in your mailbox for $12 a month.

The Sample Lounge: The Sample Lounge gives you the option of being a yearly or monthy subscriber ($14.99 a month/$153.00 a year). Inside each of TSL’s sample boxes are 7 healthy beauty and skincare products.

Beauty Fix: Beauty Fix isn’t technically a “sample box”- they send out full size high end products chosen by a panel of experts specifically just for you. It’s still steal because $50 is a lot less then the combined total retail of the products they send you.

Glymm: Glymm, like a quite a few of these subscription programs, offers a points program that can be used to purchase products, or another box. Glymm conveniently allows users to pay for any number of months they want in one sitting as oppose to having your card charged monthly. 4 -5 Luxury samples are yours for only $10 a month.

Luxe Box: The Luxe Box is a sampling program created by, they also offer about 4-5 samples for $12 a month. As of now, Luxe Box is only available in Canada- but they’re working on going international.

GlossyBox: Another company also working on making it to the states- glossybox is currently allowing users to join the VIP Line for when they go live in the US. Sign up here!

Beauty Bar Sample Society: Beauty Bar has partnered with allure for this beauty sample offering. They include a monthly mini-mag, an allure subscription, and 4-5 deluxe sixed samples. At $15 a month, membership is limited.

Spirit Beauty Lounge Sample Boxes: Spirit Beauty Lounge’s sample boxes aren’t a part of a subscription service. However, you can choose from their available boxes based on your skin type. They also offer a deluxe sample kit that lets you choose the 10 samples tha you want.

Pink Moment: Pink Moment is very much like eco-emi. For $12 a month you get a box of natural or organic samples for you to try out.

White Apricot Green Grab Bag: “Get minis of the best natural, organic and vegan skin and hair care, make up, fragrance and more delivered right to your door for just $15 a month, and shipping is free!”

Quarterly Co.: I really love the subscription service that Quarterly provides! They allow you to choose what contributor that you want to subscribe to. They explain this better here. For $25 Quarterly allows a more personal, tailored experience for the customer. It’s so cool!

I just scored a subscription to Julep Maven- so stay tuned!