Are you down for delivery? Find out why I love! |

I get delivery pretty frequently. I’m willing to bet that if you live or work in the city, or a city, you do too. While delivery is not always the most economical option, it is the most convenient. In NYC we’re lucky enough to have quite a few delivery service options – but my personal favorite is

Are you down for delivery? Find out why I love! |

I was first introduced to back in July, when they contacted me to ask if I was interested in trying their service out. Naturally, I said yes – and I was hooked after the first delivery. You can order online or via their easy to use app. The app takes your location (or you could input it yourself) and finds the closest available places for delivery. You can search for whatever you’re craving for within those parameters, and filter by rating, distance, etc.

For instance, this past summer I was staying at a hotel downtown for the BlogHer conference, I had been on my feet for over eight hours and was ravenous – so were my sisters who had joined me for the conference. Using the app we searched for Thai food, sorted that by rating, picked a restaurant, placed an order and were noshing on wings and pad Thai within 25 minutes.

Are you down for delivery? Find out why I love! |

I’m sure you’re wondering what makes this different than standard delivery. Well, has a points program, a referral program, and frequently offers discounts. Plus, you can keep your information more protected by paying in-app with paypal – which is especially great if you forget your wallet at home and don’t have any cash on you.

Are you down for delivery? Find out why I love! |

I’ve exclusively been using since I first tried it (and long after the complimentary credit was gone – thanks for that!), and I love when they do promotional discounts like this weekend where I scored 10% off my order. Pair that with earning credits toward your next meal (I’ve already qualified for $5, and am well on my way to my next $5 credit), it’s a service that rewards you for the delivery that you’re already ordering. They also offer grocery and laundry delivery options. The only con I can think of is that they don’t have as many restaurant options as I would like.

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Brunch with Gilt City: Catch NYC

I don’t think there are words that describe how relaxing and fun it is to have brunch with one of your closest friends (okay, my sister) on a rooftop surrounded by the city sights and sounds of the Meatpacking District. But I’ll try. This weekend, thanks to Gilt City and Catch – a trendy restaurant in the heart of the Meatpacking District – I was able to try Catch’s exclusive Gilty Menu.

Brunch in NYC with Gilt City | read more at nyctalon.comBrunch in NYC with Gilt City | read more at

To start we both ordered the Catch Roll, which features tender crab, salmon, and miso-honey. My sister and I adored this roll – we eat a lot of sushi, and we could tell right off that the salmon and crab were fresh and we loved how they torched the roll whilst serving it. As a party of the Gilty Menu, you also get a glass of Chandon Delice – which is delicious by the way!

Brunch in NYC with Gilt City | read more at nyctalon.comBrunch in NYC with Gilt City | read more at

You get about four options for your entree, and trust me it is hard to pick with tasty brunch opportunities like Blueberry Pancakes with orange segments and blueberry butter or Organic Chicken Breast salad with Tuscan kale and caraway seed vinaigrette. Alas, we both settled on the Lobster Roll, served with old bay chips. There’s something irresistibly decadent (and dare I say New York) about eating lobster while sipping bubbly on a roof downtown.

Brunch in NYC with Gilt City | read more at nyctalon.comCatch NYC Rooftop Brunch

The lobster roll was hands down the best lobster roll I’ve had in the city. I’m not kidding, and I’ve had quite a few rolls. There was a generous portion of meat (and ample claw meat at that), but not too much that it becomes overwhelming. The lobster salad had a delicate citrus flavor and benefited greatly from the presence of chives, a buttery potato roll, and a side of old bay potato chips.

Brunch in NYC with Gilt City |

For dessert we were served a chocolate cookie sundae with caramel chocolate sauce and the ice cream of the day – there definitely was a scoop of chocolate ice cream, and the green colored scoop tasted of either matcha or basil – it was literally the most perfect dessert for our brunch. Honestly, Catch served up one of my most favorite meals that I’ve had this summer – I definitely recommend that you pounce on their deal with Gilt City!

The Gilt City Catch offer is a part of Gilt City’s Best of Gilt City collection! Snap up your next NYC experience by checking out the entire collection here!

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