NYC Hot Spot: D’Vida Health Bar

Last month I swung by D’Vida Health Bar’s One World Plaza spot to try their newest drink – the Smoocino. However, I’m one of those weird people who drink cold drinks year ’round even in icy cold weather and instead of going for their hot smoothie I decided to try their cold one’s (having never tried or been to D’Vida before). I was lucy enough to be joined by 1/2 of D’Vida’s founding team, Milena Kozhin.

D'Vida Health Bar, NYC, Health, Health Bar, Fresh SmoothiesD'Vida Health Bar, NYC, Health, Health Bar, Fresh Smoothies

Milena was probably one of the coolest business owner’s/founder’s I’ve ever met, she has an amazing background and is so obviously enthusiastic about D’Vida. She knows she has a great product and that she doesn’t need to have a massive billboard in the middle of Times Square to get the word out – once people try it, they love it, share it, and continually come back for more.

After trying a special Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana protein shake of her own making I have to admit that she’s absolutely right – the shake was addictingly good. I’m not even kidding, it tasted better then ice cream. I know it sounds unbelievable but oh my goodness was it good!

D'Vida Health Bar, NYC, Health, Health Bar, Fresh Smoothies

I also tried a green smoothie, having been more familiar with green smoothies I have to say D’Vida’s was pleasantly fresh tasting – without any sticky aftertaste in the back of your throat that usually accompanies sugar alternatives (I’m fairly certain that Milena said that D’Vida uses Stevia).

D'Vida Health Bar, NYC, Health, Health Bar, Fresh Smoothies

I’m most disappointed that D’Vida has been around for a while and I never bothered to stop by – I feel like I missed out on so much, the good thing is now I can make up for lost time! ;) But seriously, I’ve already introduced D’Vida to family and friends and they’re also big fans now. It’s close by, the staff is friendly, and their smoothies are delicious – it’s definitely my favorite smoothie place in NYC right now!

They have two locations in the city right now, you can find out how to get their as well as access their menu by clicking here!

D’Vida Health Bar Debut’s New Smooccino!

When I started my fitness challenge I knew that smoothies would eventually factor in to my routine. I have a terrible habit of not eating breakfast, which is horrible for my body, but I find it hard to think out what constitutes a healthy, tasty, and travel friendly meal. Hence the smoothie – perfect for on the go!

This upcoming Friday, D’Vida Health Bar – with locations at both 357 West 49th Street and 11 Madison Avenue – is doing a special BOGO promo on their brand new Smooccino, a hot smoothie that’s sure to warm you up on the coldest winter day (and we’ve had some cold one’s this year!).


The Smooccino is a “freshly blended protein-based, hot smoothie combined with coffee (although it is available without coffee if preferred). Imagine your favorite d’Vida shakes/smoothies–including Banana + Peanut Butter; Strawberry + Banana; Pineapple + Coconut; and Cucumber + Kale + Green Apple + Spinach–served hot to keep you warm on these polar-vortex filled days.” D’Vida tell’s me Smooccino’s are also low glycemic, low calorie, high fiber and high protein!


I haven’t tried a Smooccino yet (or a warm smoothie) – but I’ll be trying them this Friday, so stay tuned for a review!