How Bootler is Simplifying Online Food Delivery

bootler-chicago*This post is sponsored by bootler, all opinions presented are my own.*

The hottest question in my house is “What is for dinner?” And on Friday nights, it also happens to be the main source of contention. Of course we’re ordering out, but what are the delivery fees? How quickly (or slowly) will the food arrive? And are we sure that we’re getting the best price from all our delivery service options? If you live in Chicago, then Bootler has got you covered. And luckily for me, they’re headed to New York soon too!


If you don’t know, Bootler is an online aggregation service for food delivery. Bootler works with 6 different food delivery services to allow customers to pick restaurants, compare prices and availability, and ultimately save both time and money. As someone who occasionally feels overwhelmed by all the delivery options out there, this is music to my ears.


Check out their quick vid for more info:

Bootler is simple, you just enter your address and select what type of food you’re craving from the restaurants available to your location. They recently launched their mobile app in September and are growing exponentially – did I mention we can expect them in New York City soon? I’m so excited! They’re also headed to more major cities too! Of course this means while you Chicagoan’s are currently enjoying some Epic Burger Delivery, soon I’ll be searching on Bootler for my own epic burger too.


With 100,000 visitors per month, and 2,000 people ordering via Bootler daily, I cannot wait to take advantage of Bootler’s service. You can also order alcohol from Bootler in Chicago from a delivery service called “Saucey” – so we know where you’ll be getting your New Year’s beverages from!


The ordering process is wonderfully simple – you search and pick where you would like to order from, you create your custom order, then you can compare the different delivery services’ and select which one to place your order with. Ta-dah! Pizza (and champagne from Saucery, if you’re over 21) just in time for Friday movie night!

Find out more and sign up with Bootler here. Rocks!

Are you down for delivery? Find out why I love! |

I get delivery pretty frequently. I’m willing to bet that if you live or work in the city, or a city, you do too. While delivery is not always the most economical option, it is the most convenient. In NYC we’re lucky enough to have quite a few delivery service options – but my personal favorite is

Are you down for delivery? Find out why I love! |

I was first introduced to back in July, when they contacted me to ask if I was interested in trying their service out. Naturally, I said yes – and I was hooked after the first delivery. You can order online or via their easy to use app. The app takes your location (or you could input it yourself) and finds the closest available places for delivery. You can search for whatever you’re craving for within those parameters, and filter by rating, distance, etc.

For instance, this past summer I was staying at a hotel downtown for the BlogHer conference, I had been on my feet for over eight hours and was ravenous – so were my sisters who had joined me for the conference. Using the app we searched for Thai food, sorted that by rating, picked a restaurant, placed an order and were noshing on wings and pad Thai within 25 minutes.

Are you down for delivery? Find out why I love! |

I’m sure you’re wondering what makes this different than standard delivery. Well, has a points program, a referral program, and frequently offers discounts. Plus, you can keep your information more protected by paying in-app with paypal – which is especially great if you forget your wallet at home and don’t have any cash on you.

Are you down for delivery? Find out why I love! |

I’ve exclusively been using since I first tried it (and long after the complimentary credit was gone – thanks for that!), and I love when they do promotional discounts like this weekend where I scored 10% off my order. Pair that with earning credits toward your next meal (I’ve already qualified for $5, and am well on my way to my next $5 credit), it’s a service that rewards you for the delivery that you’re already ordering. They also offer grocery and laundry delivery options. The only con I can think of is that they don’t have as many restaurant options as I would like.

Say #yestodelivery and score $7 off your first order using my referral link here!

Ode à la Rose Giveaway!

I’ve always adored fresh flowers. To me, they are one of the best ways to express one’s love, or thanks. I grew up with fresh flowers constantly around the house- my dad would buy my mom bouquet’s all throughout the year, and me and my sister would excitedly arrange them in my mom’s crystal vase that she had gotten as a wedding present. My mom taught me at an early age the joy that sending a dozen roses can bring- to both the recipient and sender.

To this day my dad still buys my mom dozen’s of roses, however, I’m old enough to acknowledge that my flower arranging skills are lackluster to say the least. Since, then I’ve developed a liking for tastefully arranged bouquets- which, if you live in NYC, can be extremely pricey. So when Ode à la Rose approached me about offering a giveaway to NYC Talon readers- I was more than thrilled to get to share an opportunity to receive or send fresh flowers with one lucky winner! 

Ode à la Rose is a luxury online rose delivery boutique catering to the Metro NYC area that offers beautifully curated bouquets at mid-level pricing. That means you get gorgeous hand crafted bouquets, with every personal touch of a mom and pop type shop, at competitive prices.

Started in April of 2011 by two Parisian bankers-turned-florists, Olivier Plusquellec and Louis Brunet, Ode à la Rose has brought the refreshing modern-classic Parisian way of sending flowers to the big apple. Recognizing the city’s need for boutique level perfectly cut roses, each bouquet is hand-tied and delivered on the same day.

Personally, I flat out love the packaging and presentation of Ode à la Rose’s bouquets. Plus, their bouquets are all handcrafted and designed by their in-house French Florist-Designer. Add in real-time photo follow-up with the purchaser (so you know exactly what is being sent), and you’ve got a seriously luxurious online delivery floral service.

Now for the giveaway, Ode à la Rose would like to offer one lucky NYC Talon reader a rose bouquet of a dozen roses in any of the six color variations that they offer (red, yellow, white, pink, mixed, or gold)- delivered to any location in Manhattan, with a retail value of $60!

Enter to win a bouquet like the one pictured above!

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