Care Bears 35th Anniversary Celebration Collaboration with Sprinkles!

Care Bears will always have a special place in my heart, because – like most people my age – I used to watch the show when I was a kid. I distinctly remember my sister informing me that I was Grumpy Bear and that she was Cheer Bear, a comment which of course incited an all-out war. Ah, siblings. Actually now that I’m older I much prefer to be associated with Bedtime Bear, for obvious reasons. Last week Care Bears announced a partnership with Sprinkles, the first cupcake bakery, as a part of their 35th anniversary celebration. From January 5th-25th, Sprinkles will offer limited-edition Care Bears cupcakes and sweet surprises at all bakery locations!


First of all, can you believe Care Bears is 35 years old?! What?! Second of all, what could possibly be sweeter than a cupcake with a Care Bear on it? Nothing. Nothing could be sweeter or cuter.


I was invited to decorate a cupcake of my own, but after a clumsy attempt (alas, I am no cupcake froster) at it I mostly stood around texting pictures of the cupcakes to my sister. Sweet revenge. Also, if you’re looking for a real treat, try enjoying your Care Bear cupcake with some nice champagne. So, so good.


In addition to limited-edition Care Bears cupcakes, whisper words will be revealed weekly on the Care Bears and Sprinkles Instagram pages with instructions for fans to redeem freebies and special goodies at check out. On January 21st, aka National Hug Day, big celebrations will take place at select stores where fans of all ages can partake in product giveaways and cheerful activities.


Stick around for lots of sharing and caring and hugs from Care Bears with Sprinkles and other great partners in 2017!

An Afternoon of Wild Abandon

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a massive fan of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – but more than that, I’ve always been a fan of the peanut butter and chocolate combination. Recently, my mom’s really been on the pb and chocolate bandwagon, which just gave me an excuse to go on a peanut butter and chocolate rampage. Life’s just so much better when you have a partner in crime, amiright?

We tried the dark chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes from Trader Joe’s and were completely sold on the cupcake version of the PB&C combo – so we were totally not going to choose the high (*cough* healthy) road when we spotted this Reese’s cupcake mix at Target.


The terrible awful thing about having an enabler is that you kind of get to drown out the voice of reason, for example:
Mom: We should get this – it looks really good! *holds up box of highly caloric, rich in carbs and sugar, cupcake mix*
Sister: I don’t know…
Me: YES! YES! YOU MUST! YOU MUST! *reaches for said box of potentially harmful materials, resembles Smeagol’s last attempt to retrieve the (one) ring*
Cashier: Is that debit or credit?


These were so super easy to make (hello – it’s a box mix) and ridiculously yummy – they were so good, and so gone!

The peanut butter filling tasted – well, let’s just say words failed me. It sort of melted while inside of the warm cupcake, so it doesn’t look exactly like the one on the box. The melty peanut butter filling makes the cupcake moist and amazing. For real.

We topped ours off with Betty Crocker Special Dark Hershey’s frosting – because we were obviously going hardcore.


I want to say that this is a review of the Reese’s Cup Cake Mix, but really – I don’t think you needed a review to convince you to buy this mix. If you love peanut butter and chocolate or Reese’s peanut butter cups you will be drawn to this irresistible mix – don’t even bother fighting the attraction, calories be damned!

Reasons Why You Should Eat a Cupcake Today, and Giveaway Winner!

Wow! I received the funniest and sweetest reasons to eat a cupcake on my most recent blog giveaway, so I thought I’d share them here as well as post who won the giveaway:

1. My favorite reason to eat a cupcake is for the great taste! – Marilyn

2. I love licking the icing off the top before eatin it! – Paula

3. I’ve never needed a reason to eat a cupcake. If it’s there, I’m eating it! – Susan

4. My biggest reason for eating a cupcake – purely selfish deliciousness! – Melissa

5. My favorite reason to eat a cupcake is for the sugar rush – Christine

6. My favorite reason to eat a cupcake is that I can eat the WHOLE thing without feeling too guilty! – Kim

7. It makes me feel like a kid! – Ani

8. Reason I like : Because it tastes better than a radish! – Nancy

9. Because eating a whole cake would be too much work for my thighs at the gym the next day – Deanna

10. My favorite reason to eat a cupcake is because I can!! I’m alive and kicking!! – Elissa

11. To treat myself of course! :) – Kellie

12. My reason to eat a cupcake is because I love sweets! – Jackie

13. My fave reason to eat a cupcake, not that i ever needed a reason to eat something that looked this for the great taste – Diane

14. My favorite reason to eat a cupcake? ….just the decadent feeling of being young again…eating a whole miniature cake! – Mary

15. I love the frosting!! – Brittney

16. I like the first one – “Because it tastes better than a radish” – Kimberly

17. My reason to eat a cupcake, it could be having people over, a birthday, a holiday, a Friday, a happy day, need a pick me up day. I guess I could always find a reason to have a cupcake – Frugaluser

18. My favorite is #3 — It makes you feel like a kid! – Marija

19. Because it makes me feel like a kid! – Mechele

20. I woke up and said, “I’m worth it! – Emily

21. My favorite reason is cause they are Delicious!! :) – Claire

22. Their reason, Because it taste better than a radish, is great. My reason is for the shear pleasure! – Ger

23. I like eating a cupcake for the taste and texture. – Barbara

24. Never a reason needed! I love them! – Kendra

25. Because mass transit was on time. Since that is so rare, it’s cause for celebration when it does happen! – Stacie

26. I would eat a cupcake because it looks delicious! – Char

27. Eating a sexy red velvet makes you feel sexy. Now I really am hungry. – Michelle

28. Because you had your heart broken – Jessica

29. My favorite reason to eat a cupcake is that I feel like a kid everytime! Each little morsel is like a morsel of childhood. ;D – Rhea

30. My fave reason to eat a cupcake is because it is a day that ends in Y – Robin

31. It makes you feel like a kid! – Julie

32. My favorite reason to eat a cupcake is it makes me feel like a kid. – Beckee

33. My favorite reason to eat a cupcake is I love cupcakes!!! – Sue

34. My favorite reason to have a cupcake is because I had a bad day. Sugar makes me happy! – Sand

35. The reason to eat a cupcake is…. because it’s there – & cupcakes just naturally make me feel… good!!! – 1955nurse

I love all these reasons for eating cupcakes! In fact I’d like pretty much all of these on a t-shirt. Unfortunately I can only have one winner, which after reading these comments I was really torn up about. Still, I decided not to feel so bad about it because I’ll definitely be doing another giveaway in the near future. So chosen through, the winner for a day and a giveaway: the lower east side is … Rhea! Congrats Rhea, and for those who didn’t win, stick around because you do get an extra entry in my next giveaway because you entered this one! Happy cupcake munching!