Cinderella Trailer & Images!


If I had to choose which Disney story was the most timeless, I’d have to say Cinderella is it. At least for me (and zillion of others out there). So you can bet I was pretty thrilled to see that Disney has gone ahead and re-made an old favorite. It’s not I think that Cinderella needed an update, so much as I think the audience needs a reminder of this classic, timeless, magical tale – and I for one can’t wait to see it!

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Check out the recently released poster images & trailer below! Also, be sure to pick up Vogue’s December issue where you can see more pictures of cast by photographer Annie Leibovitz!

Cinderella opens in theaters March 15, 2015! “Like” the movie on Facebook and follow along on twitter with hashtag #Cinderella!

Talon TV: The 10th Kingdom (2000)

Before Once Upon a Time and other fairytale spinoffs started making the rounds on our screens, there was the 10th Kingdom. This easily one of my most favorite made-for-tv movies. The 10th Kingdom while initially wasn’t received well when released back in 2000, has since acquired a cult following (who are eagerly awaiting a 2nd installment- seriously, Kimberly Williams Paisley looks like she hasn’t aged a day)- and rightly so.

Williams-Paisley plays Virginia, the daughter of John Larroquette’s Tony Lewis. Who become entangled with a wolf, trolls, and dog (who happens to be the grandson of Snow White, and Prince of the 9th Kingdom) – who have traveled from a parallel universe where all fairy tales are real, but happily ever afters are not. Both father and daughter travel back into the universe, and embark on an adventure to save the 9 Kingdoms and find a way to return home. Self-discovery, magic, romance, and some seriously bad luck ensue.

I love love love this miniseries- it’s so sweet and funny, with just the right amount of action- it a major family favorite. Humor is cleverly used, as the fairy tales we all know are smartly intertwined throughout the whole series. It’s (roughly) 7 hours amounts to a great rainy day film, the kind you watch on a day spent at home eating take-out.

Right now you can find it on YTube (here), or if you really love it you can buy it on amazon.

Memorable 10th Kingdom Quote:

“Wolf:  But you don’t understand, I won’t be here next week!
Dr. Horowitz: Ah-ah-ah, you’re not going to intimidate me with suicide threats. “