Boots No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer a.k.a. The Best Bronzer EVER!

Every so often you come across a beauty product that works so well that you can’t help but rave about it to your family, to your friends, even to random strangers who become lucky recipients of unwarranted beauty recommendations! For me, right now, that product is Boots No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer.

Boots Perfectly Bronzed
First off, the packaging is a sturdy bronze oval-shaped compact. What I love most is that it has a really generously sized mirror. Boots products tend to run with a minimalist design, that being said, while I normally would like to see more artistic license with the packaging the simple yet sleek design of the compact reminds me of summer in the Hampton’s (not that I’ve ever spent a summer in the Hampton’s – but you get my drift).

Boots Perfectly BronzerBoots Dual Bronzer
This is the bronzer that I’ve dreamed of – but until recently hadn’t really found. I’ve used NARS Laguna and I’ve found that while this cult-hit bronzer was beautiful, it just didn’t show up well on my skin. I’ve also dabbed in matte bronzers, and bronzers with a enough glitter to make the lights of NYC dim in comparison. This one is perfectly buildable, with the right side of the bronzer being a matte deep tan bronze, and the left being a lighter version with a bit of subtle glitter. On minimum application, this has to be the most gorgeous natural looking bronzer I’ve ever used. Perk – not a lot of fallout, so you get the full value of the product!

I’ve also found that this bronzer works like a dream when you’re looking for a natural contour – and it’s also great if you’re new to contouring and are nervous about streaking. It really is so beautiful and can give you either natural glow and shading or, when layered up, can give you a bronzed out glam look.

The Boots No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer retails at about $12 and can be found online here, or at Duane Reade (if you’re in the city!), or Walgreens!

Boots No7 for Beautiful Skin!

I’ve heard about Boot’s for years now, but didn’t see any of their products in US store until recently in Target – where they have become more widely available. And while the US has been slow to distribute the beauty brand, Boots has been a staple for over 160 years in the UK – and the No7 brand is the number 1 cosmetics and skincare brand in the UK! So you can bet that I was pretty darn excited to receive a sample of Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion and Beautiful Skin Night Cream (both for Normal/Dry Skin) in my Beauty Bloggers VoxBox!

The Night Cream claims to energize and help promote optimum hydration for healthy radiant skin. Now I have super sensitive acne prone skin, so I’m always wary of products promising to hydrate my skin- because I usually end up doing an emergency pore cleansing mask afterwards to deal with breakouts caused by overly-thick creams. However, no joke, the No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream was as light as silk and left my skin feeling like a baby’s! It has a subtle scent that I found to be quite nice and not overbearing at all. Also, the cream absorbs really well into the skin – so you won’t have any oily residue left behind or anything.

I actually never understood cleansing lotions before my experience with Boot’s No7 Beautiful Skin one. I usually scrub the makeup off my face using makeup wipes, wash up with my foaming cleanser and call it a night. However, makeup wipes tend to be really abrasive and leave my eyelids dry and red – and never fully rid me of my makeup on its own. But this No7 Cleansing Lotion is where it’s at! It was super light, and literally took all my makeup off in one shot. It doesn’t really have any scent, and you just apply the tiniest bit to your eye/face rub it around and then wipe off. No dry, red eyes and no makeup! I used it to rid my hand of eyeshadow when I was taking photos for my NYC Individual Eyes swatch and review – it worked like a charm!

I’m really loving these two products and can’t wait to try the rest of Boot’s No7 skincare line, as well as their makeup offerings – you can find out more about Boot’s and what they offer here!

Have you had any experience with Boot’s and their cosmetics and skincare products??? Let me know in the comments below!