Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Collection (& Giveaway!)

In case you missed it – butter LONDON is not just a nail varnish brand! They also make some pretty darn amazing cosmetics. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a number of their Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons in Disco Biscuit, Toff, Teddy Boy, Tea With The Queen, Ruby Murray, Primrose Hill Picnic, and Trout Pout. Butter London’s lip crayons are all designed to have major staying power, serious pigment, and the iconic shine of their sought-after nail polishes.

butter LONDON Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Collection Review, Swatch, & Giveaway! | nyctalon.com

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but these Lip Crayons all come with their own sharpener – which is great because I always lose my makeup sharpeners, they’re a bit like hairbands and bobby pins in that regard (at least for me).

butter LONDON Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Collection Review, Swatch, & Giveaway! | nyctalon.combutter LONDON Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Collection Review, Swatch, & Giveaway! | nyctalon.com

This collection features some really gorgeous (and essential!) shades. Disco Biscuit is a real creamy bubblegum pink color, it’s one of those colors that you keep in your purse because of its versatility. Toff and Ruby Murray are both in the wine family – dramatic colors that are perfect for fall days and Friday nights. Teddy Boy is a gorgeous sort of slightly dusky rose, and Tea With The Queen is a light nude, which is surprisingly highly pigmented and very opaque. Primrose Hill Picnic and Trout Pout are the brightest of the collection – one being a fun hot pink and the other being a trendy coral.

butter LONDON Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Swatches | nyctalon.combutter LONDON Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Collection Review, Swatch, & Giveaway! | nyctalon.com

I’ve swatched them in case you want to see their true color. What I like best about these (besides the colors and quality) is that you can go really subtle and just dab some on your lips for the nicest nuance of color, or you can really swipe it on a few times and get that serious shine and generous pigmentation. They apply smoothly and won’t tug at your lips. Also, I didn’t experience any color bleeding – which is definitely a plus in my book!

Each Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon retails at about $20, you can pick one or all of them up at butterlondon.com.

In order to celebrate Butter LONDON’s gorgeous shades of Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons, thanks to butter LONDON, we’ll be doing a giveaway of six of these gorgeous pencils! How awesome is that?! Enter to win below, and – as always – in the spirit of fairness all entries will be verified, 18+ US only, and good luck!

This giveaway ends on August 15th.

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New in Beauty: Pure ICE Butterfly Effects Collection!

I probably paint my nails most in the Spring & Summer – bright clothes and gorgeous weather always inspired me to change things up, frequently. So naturally, joining Pure ICE for a morning chatting about polish, summer nail trends, and their brand new Butterfly Effects with Shimmer-Wing collection was the perfect way to spend my first day of proper sunny weather in the city.

New in Beauty: Pure ICE Butterfly Effects Collection! | nyctalon.com

I’m an ardent Pure ICE fan – available at Walmart for only $1.97 a bottle, and keeping up with the best of them in terms of quality, variety, and color payoff – it’s definitely one of the best drugstore variety polishes out there (I actually prefer them to the handful of essie polishes I’ve tried). The Butterfly Effects w. Shimmer-Wing collection features three new shimmery polishes – Rose, Iris, and Jasmine. Rose is a sheer pearlescent pink, with shimmering shades of lavender, powder blue and sunset orange; Irish is a soft lavender opal, with hints of blue, emerald, and pearl; and Jasmine is a light green with blue and gold shimmers.

New in Beauty: Pure ICE Butterfly Effects Collection! | nyctalon.com

I got to play with them myself, and I have to say you know how most glitter/shimmer top coats are pretty much interchangeable (within reason)? Well, these aren’t. They’re all really unique, and they all made the same purple polish base that I used look completely different. They don’t clump or go on too thick to dry, it’s a very smooth, clean, but very effective formulation. Definitely worth owning the entire collection (after all it’s only three – and you’ll love ’em!).

New in Beauty: Pure ICE Butterfly Effects Collection! | nyctalon.comNew in Beauty: Pure ICE Butterfly Effects Collection! | nyctalon.com

Another exciting addition to the Pure ICE lineup is their temporary tattoos! They can be applied to skin or nail, and I am absolutely in love with these. Once applied they don’t have that over-shiney look that temporary tattoos tend to have. And they come off with a little baby oil and elbow grease.

Pick up your polish, temporary tattoos, and the Butterfly Effects collection this month, exclusively at Walmart!

Where to Buy Micellar Water in the US

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve already heard about Micellar Water. If not then allow me to get you up to speed (or you can click here for a great post from ELLE), micellar water is meant to be a no-rinse cleanser that also eliminates the need for a moisturizer. Skeptical? Yeah, so was I, until I tried it. So far my experience with micellar water has been pretty fantastic – it’s better than any makeup remover I’ve used, ever. And my skin doesn’t feel dried out or stretched out like it does when I use astringent. Micellar Water has been a beauty staple in France and the UK for quite a while and is currently getting a lot of attention in the US. I love it, and now that I’m sold on micellar water only one question remains – where can you buy micellar water in the US?
Simple Skincare has taken the lead bringing micellar water to the drugstore, with their Micellar Cleansing Water. It’s currently the only game in town when it comes to easy to access, affordable cleansing waters, and clocks in at around $7.99 for a 6.7 oz bottle. Simple Skincare has been a favorite brand of mine for years and their Micellar Water has gotten rave reviews everywhere – you can pick it up at Target or most anywhere that Simple Skincare is sold.

Bioderma has been a favorite brand for beauty bloggers and vloggers for ages now. You can get their Micellar Water on Amazon.com, Sears.com, and a handful of other online retailers. If you live in NYC, you can also pick it up at New London Pharmacy and Thompson Chemists (ARV $28 for 250ml – or 8.45oz). It’s definitely a lot more available than it was a year ago.

Now, Sephora currently carries a few high-end micellar waters (and an affordable in-house one). However, I still have a hard time with the idea of paying as much as $39 for anywhere from 4-5oz of product that will deplete quickly and has water as a major ingredient. Sorry guys, unless I have proof that it will work magic, I’m not about to splash out for it. But if you’re curious, I’ve listed a few here and you find all of them by clicking here: Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water ($14 for 3.38oz, $28 for 6.7oz), REN Rosa Centifolia™ 3-In-1 Cleansing Water ($25 for 6.8oz), Dr.Brandt Skincare Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water ($32 for 6.7oz), etc.

Garnier Micellar Water

The Micellar Water that I love (and is often touted as a dupe for the more expensive Bioderma) is the Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water. It’s not technically available in the US – but I’ve found a way around that via one of my favorite UK-based sites – feelunique.com. This is the ONLY Micellar Water that they appear to be shipping from the UK, I don’t know if it’s because of the packaging or because it comes in a set with a lotion – but for $21.60 (sale price) you get 400ml/13.5oz of their Micellar Water as well as their Miracle Skin Cream. And, it ships free!

Have you used Micellar Water? What are your must-have skincare products? Let me know!

New in Beauty: Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

This is a sponsored post for Physicians Formula through Condé Nast.

I remember when I was in high school and we first started seeing those “fiber lash” mascaras hit the market. The first ones on shelves were a hit simply because they worked. Now, of course, we expect more from fiber lashes – we want them to work and to actually look good doing it – which means no spidery lashes! Having been a massive fan of Physicians Formula since their Organic Wear mascara, I was thrilled to get my hands on their new Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit!

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

First off, the packaging is pretty solid. It’s red and silver and quite large – I’m sort of curious about why PF chose to go with the sort of insulated double plastic tube, I wonder if it helps protect the formula of the mascara? Either way, it’s simple and more minimalist (in comparison to their more glam designs) which is great when you’re using a two-step product.

Physicians Formula Eye Booster

For me, the formula for the mascara felt similar to the Organic Wear one – it’s very silky and luxurious without weighing your lashes down. It feels almost like a curling mascara, as I sort of felt like the formula lifted, coated, and separated my lashes. Then came the fibers, or as PF calls them, “Extensions”.

Mascara Fibers Physicians Formula

I wanted to love these so much – and I do, I really do. However, I do think it’s worth noting that these extensions can get pretty messy. The Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit is meant to work with double applications of both the mascara and fibers, and I found that when I was done I had a neat sprinkling of black “fibers” all along my eye and cheekbone. Don’t worry – the residue fibers are super easy to clear off – just use a makeup remover wipe or a dry foundation brush, or even some tissue. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but if you have sensitive eyes then it is worth taking note of.


Flyaway fibers aside, the actual formulation behind the kit is pretty impressive. The Extensions are all-natural, made primarily from cellulose, with panthenol, botanical extracts, and vitamin E as well as natural colorants from artichoke and basil. And the mascara formula contains the same lash-boosting peptide (myristoyl pentapeptide-17) that’s found in the original Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum and Eye Booster Felt Tip Eyeliner + Serum – which visibly enhances natural lash growth and the appearance of lashes! It also effectively conditions and nourishes lashes.

Physicians Formula Mascara Wand

The combination of the mascara and extensions do leave you with some seriously large lashes. This pic is a comparison of my everyday mascara and the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit, and as you can see the difference is definitely noticeable! If you’re someone who is uncomfortable with falsies, or just plain prefer the ease of mascara over the often tedious effort of applying fake lashes then this Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit is for you!

The Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit is available at fine drug and mass-market stores nationwide, and retails at about $14.97.

What are your favorite Physicians Formula products? If you’ve tried the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit or plan to try it – let me know in the comments below!

Best of Beauty: Gillette Venus Swirl with FlexiBall™ Technology (+ $20 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway!)

Sponsored-ContentI remember when the Gillette Venus with Olay razor first came out I was completely blown away with how amazing the razor was, it was the only razor I ever recommended. Now, Gillette has topped even that with their new Gillette Venus Swirl and Gillette Venus Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel. This new razor boasts an ergonomic handle paired with a FlexiBall™ – which allows the razor to move unlike any other male or female razor on the market.

Best of Beauty: Gillette Venus Swirl Razor | nyctalon.com

Now that I’ve begun that gradual process of switching out my winter wear for some warmer pieces, I’m more than ready to ditch my jeans and opt for more fun dresses. When shaving I’ve always been bothered by those “trouble” areas – you know, behind the knee, around my ankles, etc. With the Gillette Venus Swirl, the blade glides smoothly and thanks to the FlexiBall™ I can maneuver through the tricky bits and not have to worry about getting nicked!

Best of Beauty: Gillette Venus Swirl Razor | nyctalon.com

The Gillette Venus Swirl razor is a must-have for your back-to-summer arsenal, and it’s definitely my new favorite razor! Pair with the Venus™ with a touch of Olay® VioletSwirl™ shave gel and you are pretty much on your way to epically soft and smooth legs. The shave gel has about five times more moisturizers and smells amazing.

Best of Beauty: Gillette Venus Swirl Razor | nyctalon.com

Visually, I love the razor and the gel – it’s fun while still being sleek. Effectively, I like the razor and gel better than any other one that I’ve ever used before – I really like how the Gillette Venus Swirl still has that amazingly luxurious moisturizing strip but features more stability and increased range of movement than its predecessor. Well done Gillette!

You can find the new Gillette® Venus Swirl™ razor and Venus™ with a touch of Olay® VioletSwirl™ shave gel in your local Walmart or at venusswirl.com.

Best of Beauty: Gillette Venus Swirl Razor | nyctalon.com

To celebrate the launch of the Gillette Venus Swirl and to help you get ready for spring, I am giving away a $20 Walmart Gift Card so that you can get your own Gillette Venus Swirl products! Use the rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway and win a $20 Walmart gift card. US only. Ends 3/29.
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Salicylic Acid vs. Benzoyl Peroxide: Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask Review

I’ve been using anti-acne products with salicylic acid for so long that even though my all of acne never truly cleared up, I thought I had the problem under control and that any acne that resisted the acid was way beyond the aid of modern medicine/science/skincare. Then, four weeks ago I had a massive breakout, and I tried everything to get it to clear up. I mean all my usual treatments and then some. I used astringents, masks, creams, I even tried any combination of the three – it only seemed to exacerbate the issue. Then I went to my doctor and he recommended that I switch over to a product that used benzoyl peroxide instead of the more common salicylic acid.

I turned over every single bottle and tube in the acne treatments section of the skincare aisle – there were very few that didn’t list some percentage of salicylic acid and the only benzoyl peroxide one that I found that sounded perfect was the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. Who knew how hard it would be to find a benzoyl product!

Salicylic Acid vs. Benzoyl Peroxide: Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask Review | nyctalon.com

But, what is the difference between Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide? We can get down to the science here like how structurally the basic difference between salicylic acid and benzoic acid is the presence of hydroxyl (-OH) and other really cool chemistry tidbits that my science-y mom explained to me over the phone. But basically, benzoyl peroxide is essentially a combination of benzoic acid and oxygen – the benzoic acid acts as an exfoliant while the oxygen helps kill bacteria that contributes to acne. It’s a deep clean with the potential to dry out the skin, great for under the skin (and pus-filled) acne. Salicylic acid, on the other hand, is friendlier for those with sensitive skin and those who struggle with blackheads. It’s a gentler peeling agent without the bacteria-killing oxygen boost.

Salicylic Acid vs. Benzoyl Peroxide: Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask Review | nyctalon.com

Neutrogena’s Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask can be used as a daily cleanser or an intensive mask. Its active ingredient is 3.5% of benzoyl peroxide (1% over the purportedly effective 2.5% threshold) and the label warns against using it alongside an additional topical acne medication lest drying should occur. I love that it can be used as either a mask or basic cleanser – I’ve used it as both and since I started using it, my skin has looked better than ever!

It’s a no-frills sort of formulation – there are no beads or special oils, no fruits sprinkled on top, no pink splashes of something or other – it’s just a very plain product with very plain packaging, and it’s very effective. It’s a thick white cream, and you don’t need too much to get going. To use as a daily cleanser, you massage into a lather on your skin and rinse; to use as a mask, you apply a thin layer, wait five minutes, and rinse.

This is easily the most important part of my routine now. Clear skin is foremost in my skincare priorities and I really love how Neutrogena consistently is able to provide dependable and effective products. Since I’ve started using the cleanser/mask I’ve seen a significant reduction in my acne – and definitely less intense flare-ups whenever they occur.

The Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask retails at about $6.19 and can be found wherever Neutrogena products are sold. And as always, the information presented here is my opinion based on my personal experience – consult your doctor or dermatologist for skincare advice tailored to your needs. And let me know your experience with Neutrogena and what products you use to tackle acne!

7 Scents for Spring

Spring is almost here and it couldn’t be more welcome! I don’t know how the weather is where you live, but frankly I’m a little tired of slip-sliding over ice patches in the city. As we head in to warmer weather I thought it would be really fun to share 7 Scents for Spring – a collection of some of my personal favorite Spring scents, as well as some exciting scents that have just hit store shelves!

7 Scents for Spring

TOCCA Isabel – One of the latest additions to the TOCCA family, Isabel promises to be an ideal fragrance this upcoming season with notes of Mediterranean Orange, Pear, Spanish Rose and (love this) of leather, and vetiver.

Library of Flowers Honeycomb – Honeycomb is redolent of lazy Spring days where the sun is comforting and warm and you can smell the sweet scent of fresh flowers. Plus, Library of Flowers’ packaging is irresistibly beautiful. Top: Sugared Fig, Middle: Ambrosia Honey, Bottom: Royal Bee Blossom. Library of Flowers also recommends their Kirimashi Air!

ESCADA Turquoise Summer – To be fair, this scent is more designated for summer, but if you’re into bright fruit-infused scents that mellow out with the more sensual sandalwood and vanilla, then this one is right up your alley!

CLEAN Air – I absolutely adore this fragrance. I was introduced to the CLEAN brand a couple of years ago by my younger sister (she’s one classy gal) and now I own quite a lot of CLEAN scents. My most recent acquisition is CLEAN Air. It’s a very versatile fragrance because not only is it a gorgeous, lush, crisp, yet woodsy scent, but it also brings out really great notes when paired with other CLEAN fragrances! Top notes feature bergamot blossoms, lush green accord, and mountain air accord; mid notes include sparkling freesia and dewy peonies, and base notes boast enveloping musk, cashmere woods, and white amber.

Illume Cactus verde

Illume Cactus Verde – My sister loves this scent! And who could blame her? How outrageously Spring-ready does this fragrance sound? “Feel as brilliant as a bloom and as sweet as a succulent. A bright blend of cassis, pink sea salt, and wild geranium with a hint of avocado.” Can’t get enough of Illume (me either!)? Here’s what they recommend for Spring!

TokyoMilk Le Petit No. 2 – Typically, I’d say anything from their Dark collection, but for Spring I’m going to have to defer to the lovely brand themselves:

Bath & Body Works French Lavender & Honey – This is one of my all-time favorite scents. Normally I would not splurge on the perfume version of B&BW fragrances but the French Lavender & Honey line smells so amazing that I did (twice!). It’s a lovely floral scent with a slight sort of fruity/citrus undertone and a great musk and honey base that balances it all out.

I’m not the only one sharing seven things about spring! Check out my fellow Chosen Chix and see their thoughts on spring:

7 Must Haves from Tarte

Recently I was gifted a gorgeous new case for all my makeup. This gave me an excellent opportunity to sort through the items I wanted to keep or toss, and I was also able to “re-discover” many of my favorite products. Turns out that quite few of my favorites are made by Tarte! So I put together a list of the 7 Must Have Products from Tarte!

7 Must Haves from Tarte | nyctalon.com

1. Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-in-1 Mascara – Probably one of the most popular mascaras (right alongside Benefit’s BadGal Lash mascara), Lights, Camera, Lashes not only boasts a clever name but also a gorgeous formula which, in my opinion, renders envy-worthy lashes. This mascara boasts 4 benefits – lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning.

2. Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Blissful – I recommend Blissful because I love it and have personally found it to be universally appealing. However, most all of the line is definitely worth taking a ‘gander at. While the color may look frightening in the pan, on the face it looks gorgeous – it doesn’t cake up or dry up, the color payoff is excellent, and the color lasts quite a while.

3. emphasEYES™ High-Definition Eye Pencil – I’ve got all the females in my family hooked on this product. If you’ve been on the Pinterest, or the YouTube, or the Tumblr, then you probably know that tight-lining is a clever way to create the illusion of lush lashes. It can also be a quick way of poking yourself in the eye. This makes tight-lining a breeze with a creamy easy-to-apply formula and teensy tiny tip which allows you to fill in those hard to reach inner rims. Get it and thank me later.

4. The Slenderizer Bamboo Contouring Brush – If you shake in your beauty boots when you hear the word contour (like I do) then you’ll want this brush in your beauty product arsenal. It’s designed to make contouring easier – and it does with soft synthetic bristles and a dense domed end, as well as a looser angled end to help smooth away rough lines.

5. Tarte Power Pigment in Awakening – I picked up this one via my GlossyBox subscription, and I love it! I’m too lazy to bother with reapplication of glosses or lipsticks, and this is a gorgeous heavy pigment that you can just apply it and forget it and trust that it will still look good later on in the day.

6. Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation – I was turned on to this foundation by Ingrid – Missglamorazzi – of YouTube vlogger fame. With similar oily skin struggles (and believe me, here the struggle is real) and with an inclination for breakouts and sensitivity, this foundation is the only foundation that I’ll use during warm months. During the fall and winter I use it as a setting powder for more flawless, matte, and complete coverage over a lighter foundation. I recommend it to everyone.

7. Skinny smolderEYES™ Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner – When I’m not using my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner, and when I like to blend, I always go for this liner. It has a smooth formula, turns out flawless, doesn’t tug on my eye upon application, the color lasts all day, and it doesn’t smudge into the crease of my lid. What more could you ask for from a pencil liner?

Hope you liked my list! Let me know what are your favorite Tarte products in the comments below!

A few of my favorite bloggers are also sharing about some of the things they love. Be sure to check them out.

* This is not a sponsored post, all products were purchased by me and the opinions presented here are a reflection of my experience with them. Thanks for reading! *

Nicole by OPI Drying Drops Review

Drying drops are one of those “of course” beauty items – as in “of course I need/own this”. If you paint your nails all the time, often, or even rarely then you’ll want to have a bottle of this on hand. One of the biggest problems I find with polishing my nails is that within five minutes of applying my polish I’ve gone and found a way to smudge them – I’m fairly certain that most of us can relate. Nicole by OPI Drying Drops cuts drying time down to as little as half a minute (for 1 heavy coat of polish) to 2 minutes (for multiple coats).

Nicole by OPI Drying Drops Review | nyctalon.com

I was actually clued in to the magic of drying drops when I was getting a manicure at an event. I saw the manicurist applying it to my nails and was instantly curious. Since then I’ve used both these Nicole by OPI Drying Drops and Essie Quick-E Drying Drops. With this one, you simply apply your polish as normal and drop 1-2 coats of this to dry – it takes anywhere from 1-2 minutes (depending on the amount of polish you’ve used) to dry to the touch and by five minutes your nails will be completely dry and ready for whatever!

Nicole by OPI Drying Drops Review | nyctalon.com

The ingredients are Disiloxane, Dimethicone, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, and Tocopherol. The Jojoba Seed Oil acts as a moisturizer for your cuticles and adds a little shine to your finished nail. The Essie Quick-E Drying Drops also lists Dimethicone as its main ingredient, along with Methyl Ethyl Ketone and Cyclomethicone. Basically, you’ll get the same results with both of them – except the OPI gives your cuticles a little boost, which is why I prefer it. Also, I’ve found the OPI version to be more affordable, on sale for as little at $5, while the Essie version tends to be more pricey in the $10 and up range.

The verdict: Get it, you’ll thank me later! ;)

Available in ULTA, most drugstores, and online.

Last Minute Gifts: First Aid Beauty Set from QVC!

Looking for a last minute gift? How about a few last minute gifts? Then you’ll want to get your mitts on this First Aid Beauty Set of 4 Ultra Repair Creams from QVC! This probably one of my most favorite “beauty basics” item, personally I feel  it’s really essential to your routine if you suffer from dry skin – and even if you don’t, this cream just keeps your skin hydrated and soft and is safe for your face and for your body.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Set from QVC! | nyctalon.com

The great thing about this set is that you can easily split it up and regift them to up to four different friends, family members, or co-workers – and it’s unisex because I think everyone could benefit from giving their skin some TLC. If you’re into beauty, read a lot of blogs, or follow famous YouTubers then you know that First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream is pretty darn popular – and with good reason. The cream itself is thick and silky (if that makes sense), fast absorbing, and not at all greasy (yup, you heard me right – no icky grease left on your skins surface). It’s formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates; it’s petroleum free and safe for sensitive skin. Ultimately, an ideal moisturizer.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Set from QVC! | nyctalon.com

Okay, so here’s one of my favorite aspects about this cream – and basically why you should pick it up from QVC. At Sephora, 2oz of this cream retails for $12, this set includes 4 jars of 4oz of cream bringing the retail value of the set of 4 to $96! But at QVC you get all four jars for just under $40! I love deals like these!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Set from QVC! | nyctalon.com

If you’re looking for any last minute gifts for anyone, I definitely recommend checking out QVC online. With loads to choose from, they’re sure to have that perfect gift for everyone on your list! I’m not even kidding they have everything from the hottest of beauty products to jewelry, and even fashion and tech – and don’t even get me started on the household stuff!

Click here to snag the First Aid Beauty Set of 4 Ultra Repair Creams, and here to check out QVC’s other holiday offerings!