Review: Live Beautifully Natural Beauty Products!

I love when I stumble upon a beauty brand that is devoted to making people feel good inside and out, especially when said brand has such a fun background as Live Beautifully’s! Live Beautifully, which creates unique and natural beauty products, was started by husband and wife duo – Aaron and Nicole Wildasin. The high school sweethearts, being of the artistic sort, both have a background in graphic design and were inspired by nature found in the Colorado Rockies to create a brand of beauty and personal care products that are both natural and unique.

I had a chance to try a few of their products and I have to say what first caught my eye was their packaging. I can definitely see Aaron and Nicole’s design roots showing – the packaging for all of Live Beautifully’s products are beautiful! If you have a moment, you should definitely stop by their site and see how pretty everything is – very aesthetically pleasing.


The second thing I noticed was how ridiculously well-priced their products are – lip balms are as low as $4! And they have sales! I don’t know about you, but I love that Live Beautifully is a natural brand that is creative (hello, Raspberry Iced Tea lipbalm anyone?) and affordable!

Live Beautifully, Summer Fields, Almond Biscotti

I tried their Summer Fields mini perfume, Almond Biscotti old fashioned lip balm jelly, Urban Breeze solid cologne, and Sweet Moscato lip balm. The mini perfume and solid cologne are perfect for traveling. Initially I felt like they smelled quite concentrated, but once I applied them to my skin the scent mellowed out but still lingered until the end of the day. Summer Fields has “Notes of: Soft Vetiver, Sweet Oak Moss, Wildflowers, Baked Earth”; I love most anything that smells of vetiver and this scent is no exception, it’ll transport you right to a warm summer day.

Solid Cologne, Live Beautifully, Natural Beauty Products, AffordableUrban Breeze, Solid Cologne, Traveling, Live Beautifully, Natural Beauty Products, Affordable

Urban Breeze is more of a masculine scent, it has more of a clean cologne scent. The consistency is pretty hard and stable until you rub your fingers in it, then it sort of melts as you rub your fingers in it.

Sweet Moscato Lip Balm, Live Beautifully, Natural Beauty Products, Affordable

My favorite item right now though is the Sweet Moscato lip balm, I usually get terrible chapped lips during the colder months but I’ve consistently been using the lip balm – which, by the way, smells (and tastes) amazing! It’s sort of sweet with just a splash of tart, my lips are soft as ever. Plus, Live Beautifully has so many fun flavors, they would definitely make a great gift, or party favor for a bachelorette party or spa day!

Find out more about Live Beautifully, and check out the rest of their line by clicking here!

Cape May: Mario’s of Cape May Review

Two New Yorkers accustomed to legendary New York pizza make pretty tough customers for any pizza shop. But during our visit to Cape May on the Jersey Shore, my sister and I absolutely loved the pizza from Mario’s of Cape May. We stopped by while looking for a fast easy lunch during a hard laborious day of shopping. Located in the Acme parking lot, across the street from Washington Street Mall, and next to Cape Orient, Mario’s is completely unassuming. I mean really, if you’ve seen one pizza joint then you’ve seen them all – what separates the wheat from the chaff is all in the pizza.


During our visit they were running a lunchtime special of two slices and a medium drink for $5 – a pretty good deal. The first time we stopped buy, we weren’t in a sharing mood and opted for separate slices – I had a slice with broccoli and tomatoes, and my sister had a slice of the margherita.


Mine was ridiculously good – the crust was warm and crunchy, not too thick, not too thin – and stood up to the weight of the toppings without being hard. And the toppings tasted fresh, well seasoned, and delicious. The slice was super filling, although I could have gone back for another one – but my sister had promised me a dessert of Polish custard and I was determined to leave room for it.


My sister’s margherita slice inspired jealousy on my part. It smelled so good! My sister, being generous of spirit, required no coaxing to offer me a bite. And yes, it tasted it as good as it smelled. The margherita contained mozzarella, ricotta, pecorino romano, white cheddar cheese, garlic, fresh tomato chunks, and fresh basil – all combined on a crunchy, warm crust. My sister commented that she could even taste the yeast in the dough – she’s made bread, and make’s lots of pizza dough, and pie crusts all the time so if she’s impressed I’d take her word for it.

We came back a couple days later to take advantage of their lunch deal. You can’t really do a review of a pizza place without tasting the standard plain cheese slice – at least that’s what I told myself.


The plain cheese pizza re-affirmed my opinion that Mario’s was a pretty darn good pizza joint. Warm, cheesy, enough sauce, crunchy (but still soft) crust, and not too much oil – what more can you ask for?

Mario’s was another great Cape May find for us – we did try a pizza place on the boardwalk, across the street from where we were staying and it was overpriced and horrible (it didn’t even rate a review, or a even a picture). If you’re staying near the boardwalk, Mario’s is more than worth the walk (or drive). However, we did have a Chicken Parm & Pasta Molto Mario Meal one rainy evening and found it satisfying – or should I say filling – but unimpressive. So I’d recommend you stick with the pizza, with which you’ll be thoroughly impressed!

Have you been to Mario’s – what was your experience like? Have any favorite places that you visit while in Cape May? Let me know in the comments below!

Keeping Up with Walmart’s Family Mobile Unlimited Plan!


I have a pretty darn busy lifestyle, and for years I have been trying to find the best wireless plan that will keep up with the demands of a city girl like me – without breaking the bank. As a blogger and NYC’er I’m constantly taking pictures and interacting on social media, and remaining in contact is crucial. Plus, I have a large family and with all of us spread out over the city doing different things (work, school, play) being able to check on each other and share our day is as vital as being able to do it in a cost-effective manner – which is why I’m completely excited about the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Pan!

Walmart Family Mobile 6
With Walmart’s Family Mobile Plan I’ll be able to have access to unlimited talk, text, and web at $40 a month – no contracts, no stupid extra “surprise fees” (more on that later). Also you can add an extra line (up to five lines) for an additional $35 a month. The great thing is that suppose you really love your phone – well in some cases you can keep your old phone, buy a starter kit (only $25) and use it with Walmart’s Family Mobile service. There was no love lost between me and my former phone, so I was more than happy to get my hands on the LG Optimus L9 smartphone, lol!

Check out my trip to Walmart and what I learned about Walmart's Family Mobile plan by clicking here!

Check out my trip to Walmart and what I learned about Walmart’s Family Mobile plan by clicking here!

Now about those “surprise fees” I was talking about, in the past three years I’ve went from being on contract to trying out MetroPCS’s unlimited plan, to using a prepaid cellphone. And let me tell you none of them were good – and until now I’ve been desperate to find a plan that can keep up with me. When I was on another unlimited plan I was told I had to pay a substantial fee (about half my bill then) for having a payment that was a day late (my only late payment, ever), and when I was on contract I had to pay a fee for canceling from my service providers sub-par service. For me, fees like this are the worst waste of money – which is why I decided to move to prepaid service, only prepaid service is just as expensive (minus the commitment of being on contract) and the actual service is awful, I mean reception is terrible and you are charged for everything. Once I had my phone in my pocket and I had accidentally somehow pressed the browser on, I didn’t notice until for about an hour – which had managed to deduct about $20 of airtime from my phone.

Walmart Family Mobile 5
That’s why Walmart’s Family Mobile unlimited plan is like a breath of fresh air – Walmart is upfront about what you’re being charged for and why. My family’s monthly bill for using limited prepaid service runs us about $500-600 right now. With Walmart Family Mobile we could be paying only $180, which is at least a $320 savings! And with access to unlimited talk, text, and web! Now that’s a plan that can keep up with a bunch of chatty NY’ers like us!

Walmart Family Mobile LG Optimus L9
The LG L9 Android has 4G & WiFi capability, a gorgeous 4.5″ qHD touchscreen – which is great for taking/viewing all those pictures I take, along with it’s 5 MP camera with flash. It’s definitely a model perfect for a person on the go, with connection needs like mine! I’m really excited about giving Walmart Family Mobile a try, and am in L-O-V-E with my new playa phone, lol! But seriously, the LG L9 is an excellent phone with a sleek exterior, and equally impressive speed – very professional and I definitely recommend it.

To read more about Walmart Family Mobile, click here! Or you could also follow the #cbias & #FamilyMobileSaves hastags on twitter to read about other peoples experiences with the Walmart Family Mobile Plan – and check out how Walmart Family Mobile stacks up against larger carriers!

Fresh Scents with!

I’ve been on the hunt for a new fresh fragrance to try. I wanted something fresh and bright – perfect for the start of summer. So when I was recommended Exceptional because you are by Exceptional Perfumes – which I learned had a spicy floral scent – I was eager to try the scent out for myself.

I love how they package each piece in a baggy – that way if anything leaks, it doesn’t get everywhere!

Exceptional because you are is the perfect scent to wear to a evening out – for me it’s a little too heavy to wear for everyday purposes. But I like layering the body wash, lotion, and perfume together – it just made me smell so good and the scent lasted all day. I’m especially happy to have a nice scent with special events like graduations and birthdays coming up!
True to description, Exceptional because you are has a “crisp elegant introduction, a lightly spiced floral heart, and a sensual dry down”. It’s one of those smell’s that everyone compliments you on, and you can’t help but sniff your own wrist throughout the night because you like the scent so much too. I have to admit it’s one of my more “grown up” fragrances.


I love the little atomizer and travel size perfume – perfect for throwing into my purse!

From FragranceNet, this new scent is one of my new favorites. FragranceNet always offers a lot of great deals like 20% off any order, and other similar sales. They also offer makeup, hair-care, aromatherapy, skincare, and gift sets. What’s really great is that if they don’t sell a perfume or product that you are already a fan of, you can request it – which I think is so refreshing to see a brand receptive to it’s customer’s requests.

Personally, I’ve already been browsing through their site looking for a gift for my dad for Father’s Day. I don’t know why but perfume’s and cologne’s always make a really nice gift, don’t they? They also do free shipping on all orders over $70, which makes it convenient when you’re shopping for a few people or stocking up on gifts. As for me, I’ve got my eye on the Aqua Di Gio by Armani – which I know my dad would LOVE, and at over %15 off – I think my wallet will love it too, lol!

Have you checked out FragranceNet before? Have you done any father’s day shopping yet? What fragrances are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Beating the Heat with Cool Gear! #HotintheCity

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Every summer without fail my family makes a point of throwing a few barbecue’s – well, except for last summer. Last summer we were really busy and never managed to pull one together, so the second the weather began to heat up we made plans to go grillin’! Living in the city means having to go to a grill friendly park to get your barbecue on – so you have to be really selective about what you bring with you and how you carry it, because you’ll be traveling with it. Luckily for us I recently received Cool Gear’s new Collapsible Bento Box and Basic Lunch Tote Bag – which are really both lifesavers when it comes to transporting food!

Cool Gear

The Collapsible Bento Box in purple and the Basic Tote Lunch Bag in black

cool gear bento box

The Bento Box in action :)

We used the Collapsible Bento Box to bring our pickles and our tomato cucumber salad. Seriously, the Bento Box is one of my favorite items of the summer – the bottom collapsible portion stretches out to hold quite a lot of food (salad, a meal, whatever you want!), the middle part holds the three smaller containers – but it’s also able to be frozen, which keeps both the items in the top and bottom sections cool. Love, love, love it! My sisters, brother, and parents all want one of their own now!

Cool Gear Lunch Tote

I used the Basic Lunch Tote Bag to tote the Bento Box – it’s super cute, and Cool Gear offers lot’s of styles. It’s very roomy and sturdy, and comes with a zip pocket on the outside. I stored some first aid items in the zip pocket and used the bag to store my camera in when I wasn’t using it so it wouldn’t overheat by sitting out in the sun.


Water balloons & hot dogs? Yes please!

We ended up eating all the salad that we packed in the Bento Box, so we were able to collapse it – just slide the bottom portion onto itself, it’s great! Both the Bento Box and Tote Bag were excellent space savers and kept everything cool – even after five hours!

Check out Cool Gear, and their amazing products here! And don’t forget to check out the Collapsible Bento Box here, it retails for $12.99 and is worth every penny!

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