New Trailer for Thor: The Dark World!

You all know that I’m pretty darn excited for the next Thor movie. Like I will be there, front of the line opening day. Me and my whole family. For real. On that note, if you’re as Thor-happy as I am you’ll want to bookmark (share, tweet, pin?) this post because there are a ton of exclusive images from Walt Disney & Marvel Studios that you’ll want to look at over and over again!

Having debuted as a part of Geek Week’s Super Wednesday here’s the new Thor: The Dark World trailer:

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iPad Mini Giveaway!!!

Would you like to start the upcoming school year right? How about kicking off the year with your very own iPad mini???


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Wendy Williams & Tavern 29 Event Recap!

A couple weeks ago I was invited by The Moms to join them for a light brunch at Tavern 29 with well known talk show host and celebrity Wendy Williams. There really is nothing like being on a rooftop in Manhattan, and Tavern 29′s rooftop space rates as one of my favorites!


Bloggers and other media personalities gathered to talk shop with Wendy about her newly released book – Ask Wendy, Straight Up Advice for All the Drama in Your Life. Wendy was more than gracious and of course, completely candid!


Before she took a few Q & A’s, Wendy doled out experienced based advice about cheating husbands and backstabbing girlfriends. Speaking from her own experience, Wendy’s advice came across as heartfelt and full of good intentions – providing a mature and serious, as well as honest outlook to life’s everyday drama. Of course, chatting with Wendy also meant lots of laughs!


Afterwards Wendy had a book signing, stopping to talk with some guests with personal questions of their own, and taking pictures.


I had a blast, the food was awesome! And I definitely plan on returning to Tavern 29 – I’d love to have a look around the lower levels and see what other yummy options they have to offer! With a perfect breeze and exposed brick walls, Tavern 29 would make an ideal event space, I’m even seriously considering doing my parents anniversary party or an upcoming graduation party there.

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Getting Chatty with Ted Allen after The View! #TedAllenG2K

This year has already started off with a bang for me! I recently was invited to attend a live taping of The View, and afterwards had a chance to chat with Food Network star and host of hit TV show Chopped – Ted Allen!


My ticket, pretty cool, huh? ;)


The show was co-hosted by Kadee Strickland (Private Practice)

Look! It’s Kerry Washington (Scandal)!

It was so crazy and interesting to see how everything came together behind the scenes of the show. Because the show is live the set and props department have to be on their toes, moving the set around, hauling couches, and even a whole piano! The girls were so cool the whole time, not seeming to notice as props and makeup people buzzed around them.

The part of the show I liked the most was the Unilever cooking segment with Ted Allen, Sherri, and a special guest – who was actually an audience member who was selected to be featured on the show to commemorate “The Year of the Viewer”. They made a quick, easy, and healthier (thanks to I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter!) version of Jalapeño Corn Bread- check it out here!


I also loved the performance by Andrea Bocelli and music producer Tom Ford – my grandma is such a big fan of Andrea Bocelli, I couldn’t wait to call her up and brag about seeing him perform live!


After the show my friend Cinny (from Whirlwind of Surprises) and I had a chance to chat with Ted, and take a couple more pictures. Ted was so genuinely nice and took the time to answer all of our questions.

One of the best things about being a Food Network star, according to Ted, is that whenever he has a cooking question he can always call up one of the other Food Network stars and ask them what to do! How cool is that?! I would totally take advantage of that if I were him – I can see myself in the middle of making an delectable eggplant parm and speed dialing Giada de Laurentis, “Giada, dear, how much mozz-ah-rell-ah is too much? And do you mind if I drop by the set of your show tomorrow, I’d love your opinion on this new olive oil blend I’ve been making at home?”

See, wouldn’t that be awesome?! Ted also revealed one of his favorite food is mustard (well, more of a condiment) – I’m a mustard connoisseur myself, so I can totally relate. The weirdest thing he’s ever seen on Chopped? Whole chicken in a can from Swanson. How long does it take to pull together a cookbook? Four and a half months, followed by over a week of chefs and food photographers destroying his kitchen to remake the recipes and properly photograph them.

Ted has partnered up with I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter and created a number of yummy recipes, to check them all out click here!

* I attended a live taping of The View. All opinions presented here belong to The NYC Talon, and are not influenced in any way.

TIA Toy Fair NYC 2013 Recap: Part 1!

So a couple of weeks ago I attended TIA’s annual NYC Toy Fair. For those of you that don’t know what Toy Fair is (no worries, I wasn’t aware of what it was until this year), every year the Toy Industry Association holds an industry and press only Toy Fair in NYC. This year there were over 30,000 people walking up and down Jacob Javits center – where the Fair was held. Generally, the fair largely caters to the business side of things – so giant retailers meet up with Toy Companies and manufacturers to wheel and deal in the background and bring the hottest toys to your local stores. I attended as press – which was pretty awesome because we did get our own press center and had access to showroom tours and things like that. Anyways, here’s what I saw at Toy Fair 2013!


Elf on a Shelf Makes a Reappearance – Pressman Toys has a lot of board games coming out. After watching Elf on a Shelf take over Pinterest this past holiday season I can definitely see an audience for the Naughty or Nice Board Game and the Musical Elf on the Shelf Hide and Seek game.


The Hobbit Board Game is one game that I, as a massive Hobbit & LOTR fan, am ridiculously excited about. In fact, anything Hobbit or LOTR related that I saw at Toy Fair is something I am ridiculously excited for.


The New Girl, Hello Kitty, The Smurfs, Skylanders, The Trash Pack, and Dork Diaries were also present at the Pressman booth.


Look at how big the Fair was, this was just ONE booth!

Westminster had some pretty awesome toys out, a personal favorite was this Bacon Bits pig and iCube puzzle cube.


Look- a Smurf!


Scanimalz had this GIANT Panda Scanimal perched precariously on the corner of their showroom – it was so adorable, I wish I could have taken him home with me!


Wonder Forge had loads of awesome toys, a lot of them were geared towards younger kids, but my favorite item at their booth was their Konexi game. Konexi is a game for the whole family, and how you play it is that you build words using letters while attaching them to eachother – if you make it fall you lose. If Jenga and Scrabble had a love child, this would be it!


I loved Monkeez and Goof Ballz – these plushy toys are not only absolutely adorable but also altruistic, Monkeez Makes a Difference donates a portion of the wholesale cost of your Monkeez to one of three charities of your choice when you register your Monkeez on their online interactive website (for kids!).


I also met with Crayola, which I was super excited about – they have the coolest products coming out, I wasn’t able to take any pictures but here’s a sneak peak that they posted on their Facebook wall recently:


So that’s it for Part 1 of my Toy Fair recap – let me know what you think? See any toys you’d like to get your hands on???

The Road to “OZ”: New Clip & Polyvore Fashion

So I know I’ve said it like a million zillion times, but I am super excited to see Oz The Great and Powerful – which hits theaters next week! It was great to see so many of my blogging friends attend the actual red carpet premiere  (check out one of their posts here & here & here), and I’ve probably viewed the trailer enough times to know it by heart. So being of the digitally creative sort I decided to throw together three polyvore boards, one for each of the witches in Oz! Here they are:

Theodora, Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful #DisneyOzEvent

Theodora, Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful #DisneyOzEvent by the-inbox featuring a white gold tennis bracelet

I put this one together based on the character of Theodora, played by Mila Kunis. Theodora is initially a “good” witch, I loved the usage of her red, black, and white outfit in the movie – which isn’t as costume-y as Rachel Weisz’s Evanora outfit, and I tried to capture a little of the costume’s nuances here.

Glinda the Good, Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful #DisneyOzEvent

Glinda the Good, Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful #DisneyOzEvent by the-inbox featuring diamond earrings

I love how princess-like and ethereal Glinda’s white costume is in the film. Glinda, played by Michelle Williams, is (obviously, lol!) the good witch of the South. I loved the long sleeves on her white gown, so I went with a one shoulder spin on that look – and aren’t those shoes absolutely gorgeous!?

Evanora, Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful #DisneyOzEvent

Evanora, Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful #DisneyOzEvent by the-inbox featuring black heels

I know she’s evil, but I just love love love the costume for Rachel Weisz’s Evanora! I went for a similarly dark look here, and just had too much fun putting this one together – I figure, if you’re going to be bad you might as well look good while you’re being it!

As excited for Oz The Great and Powerful as I am?! Awesome, this is seriously the number one movie on my “must-watch” list this year! I hope it is on yours too!

Here’s an exclusive clip of Theodora and Evanora!