Interview: Katie Cassidy on NYFW #Hot2Adopt Feline Fashion Show & The Modern Cat Lady

This past week I was lucky enough to catch Katie Cassidy, star of CW’s Arrow and The Flash, between shows and speak to her about her NYFW Hot to Adopt Feline Fashion Show and Lounge with Fresh Step. In addition to a feline-inspired fashion show, complete with cats on the runway, the Hot to Adopt lounge also offered attendees an exclusive opportunity to adopt their very own feline right there!


More information about the exclusive Hot to Adopt tee (as seen on Katie) after the interview:

The NYC Talon: Can you tell me a little bit about your Hot to Adopt Feline Fashion Lounge with Fresh Step, what can we expect?

Katie Cassidy: Yes, so you can expect feline inspired looks which I think is fun. I’ll be hosting the Hot to Adopt Feline Fashion event and fashion show with Fresh Step and I think it’ll be fun, I think it’ll be interesting. Obviously it’s for a good cause and you can actually purchase this shirt [pictured above, more details below] at and part of it will go toward helping cat shelters all over the country, which is such a great cause and I’m excited to do it. I’m excited to see what people will wear, and actually we’ll be having cats walking down the runway which will be fun, yeah it’ll be very cute.

TNT: So I saw your post on TKC [Katie’s blog, post seen here], are cat ears something we’re going to see on the runway?

KC: Yeah, I certainly think so, I probably will wear some. I know there’ll be cat accessories that are very feline inspired, and it’ll be fun to bring that sort of awareness to people and get rid of that sort of crazy cat lady stigma. So we’ll be taking fashion and felines and sort of turning that stigma around. I actually just bought this clutch will a little cat face, it’s very cute.

TNT: Yes – I just saw that Kate Spade’s fall accessories have this adorable cat icon!

KC: Yeah and I just got this jacket from Stella McCartney that has this cat print all over it!

TNT: That sounds awesome. So, I know you have a cat…

KC: I do

TNT: And I think you have a dog, I’ve seen tweets with Felicia –

KC: [Laughs] To be honest with you I just love animals, and Felicia is my dog that I actually co-own with our stylist we have on Arrow, our hairstylist. Because when I travel, it’s hard when you have a dog or a cat, but a cat, obviously they can take care of themselves – but not for too long! But you can’t really leave a dog at home. Yeah, she’s been really fun.

TNT: I know you mentioned earlier about the cat lady stigma, what would you define as the ‘modern cat lady’?

KC: Hmm, the modern cat woman. Well, that’s what I think is so cool about this kind of thing because it’s bringing fashion and felines together and you have these, like as we saw on the cover of Porter magazine recently that there is a cat on the cover and I think adopting cats is more than just on trend, and we’re seeing them more on like cute clutches and shoes and it’s a sign of strong independent women. It’s something that’s cool, and again I love cats – actually [laughs] I want to get another one!

TNT: I’m a massive fan of your blog, are we going to see some What Katie Wore posts for Fashion Week?

KC: Yes! You certainly will, I have a photoshoot happening at some point tomorrow, I don’t know what time but yes you will.

TNT: Cats are kind of classified as lounging animals, if you have one day to absolutely lounge about and devote to rest & relaxation, what would you do?

KC: Everybody loves the spa, I feel like. Probably…I don’t know if I would just like have a relaxation day… I would probably go get a facial, or go to the gym, or not talk on the phone, or go on social media. I would probably just want to be by myself, you know? And order lots of pizza.

TNT: A girl after my own heart!

KC: Yeah – girl, pizza is my jam!

And that concludes my interview with Katie! She was so sweet, and I was very excited to interview her. She was in a rush, which was lucky otherwise I very well might have bombarded her with my embarrassing Arrow/The Flash Black Canary/Black Siren questions.

To purchase Katie’s exclusive Hot to Adopt t-shirt, check out here.

I love Fresh Step’s commitment to encouraging and celebrating cat ownership, and this tee is honestly adorable. But there’s more! All through the month of October Fresh Step wants you to step out and declare your love of modern cat ladies (and gentlemen too!) by declaring “Feline Fashion Fridays” – cat owners cat show their love of cats by posting a picture of themselves with their cat to Fresh Step’s Instagram using the #freshstepcontest hashtag each Friday for a chance to win free Fresh Step litter, a $250 VISA Gift Card, and the limited edition #hot2adopt T-shirt!

Check out for more info.

Keep Your Favorite Fashion Fresh & Protected with Downy

This is a sponsored post of SheSpeaks/P&G.

Downy 4

Not too long ago I found the perfect dress. I’m talking about that perfect, classic but somehow still trendy, fits-like-a-dream dress. I tried it in store and promptly ordered it online. The day it came in the mail I was so excited, I tried it on immediately and twirled around my bedroom like some young singleton starring in her own romcom. I tried it on with all my shoes, as you do, and promptly wore it out to the next few events.

Downy April Fresh

Then in a true bonehead move I threw it in with the wash. Repeatedly, without any treatment, just plain ‘ol detergent. I know, rookie mistake. If I had been using Downy maybe I wouldn’t have ended up with a dress that began to fade and stretch before it’s time and I would still be wearing it today.

Downy Ultra Fabric Protect

See, Downy Fabric Conditioner is designed to actually protect your favorite clothes – and who am I kidding, all my clothes are my favorites, from my ratty old camp shirt from middle school to my brand new lace-overlay navy dress! Downy works to soften, condition, and strengthen fibers in clothes and dream-dresses.

How does it work? By coating each fiber, Downy Fabric Conditioner protects clothes from all that friction that occurs during the washing cycle. Friction and agitation that can cause colors to fade, and fabric to lose its shape, it also can cause piling, and fuzz. Basically all that’s detrimental to everything from a vintage piece (we’re talking classic jeans that you dug out from your mom’s collection) to your new replacement dream dress (because the original was no longer in stock). Thanks to Downy, my clothes will live to see another day.

Downy 3Downy 105 Loads

And honestly, who doesn’t love how amazing Downy makes your clothes smell? There really is nothing like grabbing a warm Downy-scented towel fresh out of the laundry, or slipping into your favorite soft leggings right out of the dryer. It’s like the promise of naps and Netflix bingeing – irresistible.

I pick up my Downy Fabric Conditioner at Walmart, it’s always convenient since I do a lot of shopping there anyways. Plus, the price is always on point. Available at Walmart and, learn more and shop for it here.

New in Fashion: Commander Life with Country Outfitters!

I was first introduced to the Duck Dynasty family via my sister. She found out about the show one lazy summer afternoon and was instantly hooked. When she later went abroad, she found that even her new German friends were also fans of the series following the eclectic Robertson family. As much as I enjoy Si’s antics, I can’t say that I immediately associated his name with fashion. Luckily, that family has more fashionable members like Sadie who recently starred on Dancing with the Stars (did you see her Super Mario inspired dance – adorable!). Earlier this year the Robertson’s released two new fashion lines available at Country Outfitters – Commander Gear and Commander Life.

Commander Life Vest Review

I was lucky enough to get my mitts on some gorgeous pieces from Commander Life. The line hit stores this fall, and let me tell you, ditch your ideas of muddy swamps and dirty roads. This line is perfect for the country gal and the city sweetheart! This isn’t the female Robertsons’ first foray into fashion, with an exclusive line with Dooney & Bourke, and Sadie’s line with Sherri Hill, it’s not these ladies first fashion rodeo. So it makes sense that pieces like the Women’s Gallery Puffy Vest should be so ridiculously comfortable and amazingly, effortlessly, chic. It’s easily my favorite piece of the season.

Commander Life Vest 2

The vest itself runs about $64, which isn’t very wild for a branded item, but might be steep for some. What makes the vest more than worth it is the quality of the materials used and the structure of the piece. It’s so warm, I never want to take it off. I know it sounds like I’m waxing on about it, but I’m not typically a vest person and I really really fell in love with this one. The details are charming, and none of the Commander Life branding is heavy handed. It’s subtle, it can be dressed down or up. I like to pair it with a turtleneck sweater or a plaid button up and a statement necklace. I’ve worn it to events downtown and have received loads of compliments.

Vest Commander LifeDuck Commander Life Vest Details

Other pieces from the collection include these cute tops – the comfortable Old Squaw Henley with American flag stitching on the collar, Lesser Raglan that reads “Let Your Light Shine”, and Swan Open Back Top with camo Cross detailing.

Commander Life ShirtCommander Life Tops and ShirtsThey also have other gorgeous tops – I’ve definitely got my eye on the Whistle Chambray shirt, and the plaid, which I can’t get enough of this season. There are also complimentary pieces for the man in your life. The entire line is so nice. Honestly, I did not expect to love this line as much as I do – I’m so pleasantly shocked. I definitely recommend picking up something from Commander Life for yourself or for someone you love this holiday season! And before I forget, sizes for the shirts and the vest run from XS to XXL – with an XL fitting 16-18, so they’ve got clothes for ladies of every size, score!

Check out the entire Commander Life line at Country Outfitter here!

Keeping Time with JORD Watches

I’m one of those people who are super picky about how I accessorize. I hate feeling weighed down by heavy pieces, but I also feel underdressed if I don’t have at least one accessory on. I was recently introduced to JORD watches. JORD, happens to be swedish for earth, soil, or land – which is appropriate seeing as all their watches are all primarily made out of wood – like this koa and rose gold Cora watch.

Keeping Time with JORD Watches |

Having worn it for a while now, I feel like this watch is definitely one of my favorite accessories. It’s unique and eye catching enough to make a statement, while not feeling overwhelming. The Cora watch by JORD is their first Lady’s automatic timepiece. The face is rose gold with swarovski crystals denoting the time. The entire band is made out of wood – which is splash proof, but not meant for total submergence. It’s quite beautiful, and I’m completely bowled over with the amount of detail that JORD obviously invests in their watches. From the packaging – a wood box with the JORD insignia – to the watch itself, they obviously know what they’re doing!

Keeping Time with JORD Watches | nyctalon.comKeeping Time with JORD Watches |

I have to tell you though, I absolutely loved being able to see the inside of the watch from the back – it’s so cool! The watch itself is surprisingly light, but incredibly sturdy – and you can get the watch sized to your specifications.

Keeping Time with JORD Watches | nyctalon.comKeeping Time with JORD Watches |

I’ve been wearing it for almost a month now and I’ve gotten loads of compliments and questions about where I got it. What I love is that the watch can be worn solo, or with bangles and bracelets that play up the warm tones of the wood and rose gold face. The Cora boasts a number of features including a deployment buckle with push button and runs at about $275, JORD has a wide selection of both Men and Women’s watches that range anywhere from $120 to $295. I really encourage you to check them out, my sisters and I have been prowling about the Men’s watches – we’ve got our eye of the 746 and Dover style watches, which our dad would just love for Christmas!

Exclusive Interview with NYM & NYFW Stylist Michele Carrillo!

This fall’s Style 360 Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week runway shows drew quite a crowd of celebrities this year, including Anna Wintour, Coco Rocha, Carmen Electra, etc. As one of the event’s title sponsors, all runway hair looks were styled by Not Your Mother’s Haircare and lead stylist Michele Carrillo. With over 10 years experience in the business as a stylist and makeup artist I was so excited to get to ask Michele a few questions of my own!

The NYC Talon: What is your favorite hair look that you’ve seen on the runway this season?

Michele Carillo: Fave runway hair look this season would have to be sleek & straight behind the ears look I created for Angela Simmons show, for its simplicity. Hair looked chic & sophisticated yet was wearable off the runway and extremely easy to achieve.


TNT: What are your top five styling essentials right now?

Michele: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak refreshing dry shampoo, Not Your Mother’s Beat the Heat thermal shield spray, a teasing comb with pointed end, Mason Pearson brush and a t3 featherlight hair dryer.

TNT: What look do you think will be popular this fall and winter?

Michele: I believe heading into the fall/winter the beauty industry will be gearing more towards the more “natural look”. With that being said I believe effortless hairstyles will be in, such as a low and sleek ponytail and no fuss tousled hair. Bangs will be back as well.


TNT: Is there a trend or style that you wish would die out? And is there a style that you can’t get enough of?

Michele: As a stylist, there will always be a trend or hairstyle that will feel repetitive day in and day out but I believe that every client can put their own “spin” on it and customize it just enough to make it their own. As for one of my favorite hair looks, it would have to be anything braided. French braids, loose and tousled fishtail braids, milkmaid braids, trendier braided styles such as the look I created for the Walter Mendez collection (WantMyLook/Lilly Ghalichi)…the list can go on and on. Braids can be so versatile! They can go from effortless and casual at the gym to fun and sexy for night time.


TNT: Having over 10 years of experience as a stylist and makeup artist is there something you wish that your clients would ask you and/or are there any tips or tricks you can share?

Michele: Tip/trick: Seems simple enough but clean, damp hair works best for blowouts and day old hair normally works best for up do’s and curled styles.

TNT: What’s your favorite NYM product(s)?

Michele: My favorite NYM products would be: Clean Freak dry shampoo, She’s a Tease volumizing hair spray, Beat The Heat thermal shield spray and Lock Luster Oil Treatment.


Thanks Michele & Not Your Mother’s haircare for the interview!

To follow Michele’s work check out her facebook page here!

To find out more about NYM’s click here!

*All photos featured here are not my own, and were provided to me by the NYM’s team.

Stylish Steal: D’Orsay Flats

Looking for an easy style that will happily transfer from summer to fall? Then you’ll want to check out these d’orsay flats! D’orsay is a shoe style that basically features the vamp cut away on the sides, showing the arch and the side of the foot. Gorgeous and on trend, I received the Rocket Dog version of these flats as a gift, and I spotted the Sole Society version while shopping for another set of flats. Noticing the price difference – hence “Stylish Steal”, I thought I would share them with you!


The Sole Society Kristi d’orsay flat comes in Silver Sconce, Black, and Adobe and is currently available from sizes 4 to 12 with a few half sizes in between. They’re made of faux leather with a short zipper on the pointed toe, and feature a section of elastic at the heel which keeps your foot from slipping out while walking. These retail at a cool $59.95, and you can pick them up here!

The Rocket Dog Cyprus Two Piece Flats from Macy’s are currently only available in one color, and only have sizes 6-11 available with a few sizes missing in between. It’s made of a sturdy, yet comfortable canvas material and also features the bit of elastic in the heel. The point of the toe has a sheath of foe leather which takes the shoe from being casual to looking quite classy. These are on sale at for an easy $24.98, and you can pick them up here – but act fast!

The better buy is pretty obvious, however they’re both gorgeous flats and I certainly appreciate the sizing and color variety afforded by Sole Society! Either way, these are definitely trendy, comfortable, versatile, stylish (plus, that pointed toe is super slimming) – a certain wardrobe staple!

A Beautiful Bond – When Fashion & Charity Meet


If you follow this blog then you’ve probably already guessed that I love fashion. Having attended fashion week, and quite seriously being constantly surrounded by art and fashion here in NYC, I can’t get enough of it. So when I saw this little infographic, which I’m about to share with you, I thought it was pretty amazing to read about how figures in that fashion industry use their influence to promote their charities that are created to target different needs! Check it out!

Presented by ChanLuu

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Now + Here Twitter Party

Now + Here is a new shop featuring the latest fashion that’s popping up in Sears stores nationwide, on and! Now + Here will be bringing us the latest trends every month, and offering fashion tips and advice. To celebrate the kick off, Now + Here is launching a Virtual Fashion Show and a Now + Here Designer Sketch Contest now through April 24th, where you can submit a sketch of a graphic that might be chosen to appear on a gray t-shirt in Sears stores in the Now + Here brand shop for the Fall 2014 line!

As if having your personal design appear on a t-shirt isn’t enough of a reward, the winner will receive a t-shirt and $500 in Shop Your Way Rewards to shop Sears Apparel! You have to be a Shop Your Way Rewards member, but don’t worry, the Shop Your Way Rewards program is free to join and it’s full of great perks!

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Let’s Chat Style at #ThisIsStyle Twitter Party!

twitter-party-graphic#ThisisStyle, #shop, #CBias

Photo Credit

With warmer weather on the horizon, you’re bound to start thinking about outdoor celebrations and summer evening music festivals. searsStyle has the latest spring fashion trends to help you create the perfect festival ready outfit. Please join me at the #ThisisStyle Twitter Party where we’ll chat about our upcoming summer festival plans, and how to create the perfect boho chic outfit to take you from casual days to music festival nights!

I haven’t been to a festival for a while – or maybe it just feels that way because this winter seems to have gone on forever! There are plenty of outdoor concerts and festivals going on in or around NYC during the spring and summer and I know I’m looking forward to ditching my winter boots and donning boho chic inspired outfits!

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Let’s Talk Style at #ThisisStyle Twitter Party! #shop #cbias

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and whether you have romantic plans with your spouse or are planning a casual date night with a new love interest you will want to look your best!  Sears carries a variety of the latest fashion trends so you can find the perfect outfit no matter what you have planned.   Please join me at the  #ThisisStyle Twitter Party where we’ll chat about how you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day and how to incorporate new spring fashion trends into your upcoming date night.

Whether you’ve got a date or are flying solo, Valentine’s day is a great time to breakout some of your funnest fashion picks. And as Spring gradually draws near (I know, I know, there’s snow everywhere! But you’ll see, Spring will be here before you know it!) I’m all about exploring fun trends and going out on a fashionable limb! Personally, I’m spending Valentine’s Day out with the girls and I’ve decided on a on-trend floral dress from Sears – what do you plan on wearing? Join host @SuburbiaU, co-hosts @blueviolet, @thedomesticexec, and me – @KristaK2  as we talk style!

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