Hi! Welcome to The NYC Talon!

The NYC Talon is a metropolitan lifestyle blog that feature’s everything from food to fashion!

My name is Krista, Founder and Editor of The NYC Talon, Social Media Consultant, and Freelance Writer.

I originally started The NYC Talon as a space for my creative whims, fantastical feats, outrageous adventures, and odd observations. My goal was to create my own tiny tale in the form of a bunch of short posts.

Since then, The NYC Talon has quickly grown and has become a platform for me to feature the best in beauty, events, entertainment, fashion, and food; focused on what appeals to my readers.

My hope is that they [my readers, old and new] will identify with The NYC Talon as a resource for finding and connecting with the topics that interest them most.

Feel free to shoot me an email, anytime, at the.inbox@yahoo.com

*The NYC Talon is a PR friendly blog, which means I love promoting brands that I support- and for more info on that click my “PR” tab up above, or send me an email, thanks!

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